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It's been a while since I shared any interiors updates with you guys, especially after I stopped posting on my interiors Instagram - it just became too hard juggling everything and I needed to focus on @alliejosiestudio instead - so I thought it was time for a little home update, and today is all about the bedroom. 

white walled bedroom with houseplants, gallery wall of bright prints, pink and mustard sun and moon print bedding and mustard yellow curtains

gallery wall of prints including drawing of red headed girl with large collar, "weekday" print with fruits on platter, embroidery hoop of pug and punch needle wall hanging reading "this is a happy home"

Our bedroom is fairly small, but I'm so pleased with the transformation we've made since we moved in. Last March it was all grey, so pretty dark, and felt like there was barely any space, with all of the furniture against one wall, leaving just a smidgen of space to walk to the other side of the bed. As soon as we moved in, we moved the furniture around and now the bed is under the window - not always conventional, I know, but it gives us both so much more space and really helped the room to feel a whole lot bigger. It felt even more roomy when we got the go ahead to paint the walls white, brightening up the space so much. I honestly think this is why the bedroom is my favourite part of the whole flat, it's calm, bright and so relaxing - exactly what a bedroom should be! 

Of course with the walls being white we had to add some colour some how, and you know I'm a sucker for a print (or several), so a gallery wall was born. In the bedroom there's a good mix of my originals, some gifts and some prints from some of my favourite artists, it makes me smile every morning when I wake up and look at it. 

gallery wall of pink, orange and green prints and wall hangings on painted white bedroom wall. A dark wood and rattan stool holds a large monstera plant against a teak wood 70s style mirror

personalised mapiful print* - weekday print* - freckles club print - collar girl drawing is an original from Hello Chloe Studio* - Amsterdam print* - chase your dreams print by Jazz Stan who now sells abstract art on her website

The retro pink 'thoughts become things' print and happy home wall hanging are both made by me, and sold on my Etsy shop Allie Josie Studio.

The personalised print is the most recent addition to the bedroom, and it's just so sweet. On Mapiful you can get maps of pretty much anywhere in the world (including Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls, which I just love), or you can personalise your prints for something special. I got all sentimental and ordered this, which shows the stars on the day me and Jordan met, right here in Liverpool. Adorable, I know. If you fancy getting something for yourself, I have a code MAPIQ1 to give you 10% off your first order at Mapiful*, but this ends at the end of March so get your skates on.

personalised 'stars on the day we met' print from mapiful, allie Josie studio 70s style punch needle "this is a happy home" wall hanging, 70s style groovy pink print reading "thoughts become things"

pink and mustard sun and moon botanical print bedding with pink corduroy cushion in centre of bed. A cream throw draped over headboard against a small window with mustard curtains. To the right, the bedside table holds a pink Himalayan salt lamp and a vase of large pampas grass, with a monstera house plant in the foreground.

Adding to the personal touches, those curtains? I made em. Sure, they're not a work of art, but I'm really proud of them, my first ever homemade curtains! Well, homemade by me I mean, I've had many a curtain made by my mum in my teenage bedroom. They weren't too difficult to make either, the IGTV is still live on my old account if you'd like to give it a try yourself. 

I always get asked about these sheets whenever I share them and sadly M&S no longer sell them, but definitely keep an eye out on their website, and Urban Outfitters always have cute bedsets for sale too. I've also been loving H&M home, especially their organic cotton range, but they're a little more subdued if that's your vibe. 

blogger poses for a mirror selfie in bedroom, with bed, plants, prints and curtains in background. Handmade crochet tote bags hang on the corner of the mirror

And that's it, there's your update of our little rented bedroom. If you want to know where anything else is from please do let me know - you can find me on @allie_davies on Instagram

Good vibes guys ✌🏼