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A lockdown right before Christmas isn't exactly ideal, I'm sure we can agree, but while we stay inside to keep ourselves and everybody else safe, it doesn't mean the Christmas prep has to go on hold. Usually at this time of year, I'd be spending a bit of time with my parents, helping them to do their Christmas shopping, wandering around the local arts markets and of course, getting a hot chocolate. But seeing as this is 2020, that isn't on the agenda, and I wanted to send something personal to make up for it.

personalised handwritten Christmas card reading "It's been a weird year, but it's almost 2021! Mum and dad, Merry Christmas! (Hopefully) see you soon, love Allie and Jordan xxx"

bar of Toblerone reading "merry Christmas" alongside personalised couple's Christmas card

And what says personal like a handwritten note? For loved ones' birthdays over the past few months, I've been ordering cards, waiting for them to arrive, writing in them and then having to pay again to send them off, but during Moonpig's Christmas event - my first Zoom event, snazzy - I learned there's another option. The Moonpig app has this really cool feature where you can write a message, snap a pic with your phone, and viola. A handwritten card, without you even having to touch it. Very 2020. 

Of course Moonpig are known for their personalised cards, so I couldn't resist doing a slightly cheesy but pretty cute couple's card for my mum and dad this Christmas. And yes, it did remind me of Mona and Ross. I hope we're not Mona and Ross... Anyway, this was my first time doing such a personalised card and I don't know about you, but I think it's pretty cute. Maybe I'll do a hundred. Yes, that was another friends reference.

Christmas floral arrangement with red roses, foliage and red berries on a wooden table

If we're still in some sort of lockdown limbo as the big day looms, you can pop other gifts onto your order, and no, not just personalised mugs. I opted for a Toblerone, because he has to have a Toblerone every Christmas, and you can also get some lovely bouquets. They might not quite be as gorgeous and unique as my floral arrangement from the event though. Just kidding, they'll be much better. See Moonpig's special bouquets and take your pick!

Hopefully we'll be able to safely spend time with our loved ones this Christmas, but just in case we can't see them all, a personal touch from Moonpig will sure go a long way - just download the Moonpig app.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼