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When you've got very dry skin, you'd think new makeup would make you feel excited, maybe even bring you a little extra confidence, but for many people, including myself, it can be a bit daunting. You have no idea how many times I've spent a fortune on a new foundation or concealer with promises of a dewy glow only for it to cling onto my dry patches for dear life 15 minutes after applying it.. It's taken me a few months, as well as an incredible moisturiser, but I think I've found a good makeup routine for very dry skin - and most of it is from Instagram's fave face brand, Glossier.

I'm sure a lot of you know Glossier by now, it's hard not to. But just in case you need a refresh, Glossier is known for their sheer 'barely there' look, it's about the skin, not the makeup. Which is handy, because they do skincare too.

blogger models sheer barely there makeup in orange mirror

glossier makeup flatly

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Stretch concealer 

Until now I've been using Collection's old faithful concealer, and despite hearing mixed reviews, I wanted to try something new, Glossier's stretch concealer. It's very rare I wear foundation these days, and seeing as stretch concealer is described as buildable, it felt like a good choice. Spoiler alert, it was. It's super moisturising so doesn't bring out any dry patches (hooray!) and works great on my dark circles. If you struggle with any scarring you'd like to cover up, this might not be the best choice, but if you want something to pop on to look more refreshed, I'd definitely recommend. 

Glossier future dew

I'm team dewy over team matte any day. As a dry skin sufferer I think that goes without saying, and explains why I'm a Glossier fan to begin with, and why I wanted to try future dew. I bought future dew on a bit of an impulse, and then realised it's fragranced so on paper, not ideal for sensitive skin like mine. But, when I'm not having a flare up, I love it. You can use it as a liquid highlighter, popping it on your cheekbones etc., or as a glowy base, which is what I tend to go for. This stuff makes my skin glow like nothing else ever has, which let me tell you, is pretty difficult to achieve when your skin is dry af all the time. 

glossier makeup including boy brow brow flick future dew cloud paint stretch concealer and skywasvh eyeshadow

glossier cloud paint liquid blush

Cloud paint

When scrolling through IGTVs to watch on my wfh lunch break, I stumbled across an every day makeup routine vid  - I forget who's - and they suggested people with dry skin steer clear of powder products, swapping things like powder blush for cream blush, which might sound simple, but was something I'd never thought about before, and it makes complete sense. My friend Melina is a Glossier cloud paint Stan, and my mum had also said she was a fan, so I thought I'd join the club and added the shade 'beam' to my basket. I have to admit, I kind of do miss a powder blush for getting that e-girl look that I'm probably a bit too old for, but I've had zero trouble using cloud paint, and it's so easy to blend for a super sheer flush of colour or build up for more of a statement. Give it a try!

Glossier boy brow and brow flick

It feels like people have been raving about boy brow for years, but I was so adamant not to jump on the bandwagon at first, insisting that I needed more coverage than that, which is how I fell in love with brow flick from Glossier. However, during lockdown I've been opting for a softer vibe, not feeling the need to make my brows as full as usual, so I caved and tried boy brow instead. WHY did it take me so long?! No matter how patchy or light your brows are, this does the job, and took my brow routine from 5 minutes to 1. Love!

Glossier skywash 

I'll admit I'm still getting myself used to skywash, and need to remember that the soft, subtle blue I get when I first apply does dry different, but it's a good way to stick to the no powder rule. ps if anyone has any tutorials for how to use the light blue, send them my way. I definitely haven't nailed it yet. This one's a maybe for now.

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Good vibes guys ✌🏼