Skincare stans will tell you that the number one rule in skin is to use SPF. Do I always remember to protect my freckly skin? No. Do I regret it? Yes. So that's why I've made it an important step in my new summer skin routine. But it's not that straight forward when you have very dry, super sensitive skin - believe me. 

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skincare routine for dry skin ft botanics, cerave and the ordinary

Over the past few months I've fallen head over heels for CeraVe - I honestly trust Hyram, the king of skincare tiktok, with my life. After using their moisturiser religiously each and every night, I was excited to try their hydrating cleanser, because lord knows I needed it, especially with these pesky spots that have popped up since wearing a mask every day. A small price to pay of course, but I'd still like to keep my skin looking fab even if it is barely on show. I've been using this every morning in an attempt to get back into a morning skincare routine, because that's definitely been slacking since working from home, and so far, I'm enjoying it. I'd say it works best as a morning cleanser rather than an evening one, especially if you're wearing quite a bit of makeup, but if CeraVe ever come out with a thicker/balmier cleanser, I'll be first in line to buy it. 

The second step in my morning summer skin routine is a bit of Boots' Botanics all bright cleansing solution to make sure I've gotten rid of every last bit of whatever is left on my skin - with the amount of tossing and turning I do in my sleep, I suspect there's quite a bit. Even the most 'gentle' of micellar water-type products can sometimes leave my skin feeling a bit tight afterwards, but thankfully I've had no problems with this, and you can see the results on the cotton pad once you've used it. Who knew I collected so much fluff on my face overnight?

cerave moisturiser spf 25

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With my love for CeraVe on the up, I jumped at the chance to try their daily moisturiser with SPF. Normally I like to go for an SPF 50 - you've seen how pale I am - but this SPF 25 passed the test last week on a sunny day where I burned my arm but managed to keep my face A-okay. I've been wearing this stuff every day and will keep it up long after summer is over - because we need to be wearing SPF all year round folks. Unlike some other SPF products, it's not too difficult to rub in and doesn't leave me feeling shiny and greasy, so I highly recommend! 

the ordinary fluid primer

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The last step in my new summer skincare routine is another tiktok cult favourite, and my first ever taste of The Ordinary. I know, I know, I'm late to the hype, but after trying their high spreadability fluid primer (bit of a mouthful, but a fair description), I can't wait to try more. I'm one of those people that *sweats* in the heat. I can't help it, I never look effortlessly cool when the temperature goes above 20 degrees, which results in my makeup sliding everywhere in most cases, but when I've popped this on before my makeup, I haven't felt so, erm, melty? Lately I've been using cream and liquid-based makeup as part of a dry skin experiment, and even that stays put when using this primer. Not to mention I feel bougie when dripping it on beauty-guru style.

And there you have it, my updated summer skin routine for dry skin. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my Instagram stories over the next few weeks to see if it's all still going to plan, so if you're not already following me on there, you know what to do. If you want to join me in actually taking care of our skin, take a look at Boots for the best skincare products for all skin types.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼

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