In some ways it feels like a lifetime, in other ways, barely a few weeks, but we've now been living in our new home for three months, and I thought I'd mark the occasion with a diary-style blog post, because why not? 

I can honestly say, moving into this flat was (I hope) the most stressful move of our lives. Moving home during a nation-wide lockdown in a global pandemic is not fun. At all. Of course, because we couldn't interact with anyone from outside of our household, we had no one to help us move all of our stuff from my old studio to our new place, which meant Jordan did a lot of heavy lifting back and forth. I say Jordan, because for once, my scoliosis came in handy, and I was forbidden from carrying anything after carrying a few plants meant I had to take a painkiller and lie down. So, major props to Jordan for doing 90% of the work. 

Not only was it physically difficult without a third pair of hands or any form of transport, plus five flights of stairs in our new building, but the move definitely took its toll emotionally. I think we can all agree lockdown was a pretty emotional thing for everybody, for so many different reasons, but adding the stress of a move on top of that really had me on edge. This meant we moved into our flat with not the most positive mindset, as you probably guessed if you read 'things I wish we knew before getting our flat'.

couple holding keys to their new home

Thankfully, after three months of being stuck inside, I'm happy, and slightly relieved, to say our outlook has improved. Sure, it's still not perfect, and it never will be, but it definitely feels like home. After doing our best to brighten up the space, getting to know our neighbours (at a safe distance) and hanging up some art, our little rented tenement is starting to feel a lot more 'us'.

One of the first things we did, well, when we eventually got wallpaper paste which everyone else seemed to be ordering at the time, was take down that dark zoo wallpaper. We couldn't wait. We swapped it for some plain white lining paper my mum and dad had spare, which has brightened up the living room and kitchen so so much. However, it did make us realise that our talents do not include wallpapering, and Jordan has made me promise that next time we need to wallpaper, we'll hire someone else to do it. The rip hidden behind our dress rail attests to this... 

bouquet of colourful dried flowers on top of light wooden cabinet against white wall with prints and gold hand shaped hooks

It turns out, I'm definitely the DIYer in this relationship! Which honestly, suits me fine, I've always been creative and love getting myself stuck into projects, and getting to do things my way is even better. I'm kidding. Kinda. So over the past three months, I've started a few projects, including painting the bedroom, up cycling an old cabinet and even making our own curtains. This is just the beginning, I've definitely got the DIY bug, especially after binging The Sorry Girls on youtube. 

I think the best work is the bedroom - it's gone from what felt like a cramped, slightly gloomy space with those off colour beige/grey walls to a light, bright room with pops of colour. Not to mention, now with added privacy thanks to those DIY curtains... These were actually surprisingly easy to make, and you could definitely make them even if you're not a confident sewer. I did a (very informal) step-by-step sew your own curtains tutorial on IGTV if you want to see it - it's on my @illjustgohome account. There's still a couple of jobs to do as we reach the three month mark, including getting/making a slip cover for the headboard and putting up some shelves from the fab small business Sunday Living, but conquering my fear of the drill is taking some time.

white corner of bedroom with monstera plant, large mirror leaning against wall, bed with white sheets, mustard and pink throw cushions and a small colourful gallery wall

The living room is a bit further behind in terms of making it our own, but once things have fully opened up again and we feel safe enough for someone to drive us to Ikea, I'm sure we'll be back on track. Three months in, the to-do list for the living room is:

- finish upcycling the cupboard
- find a floor lamp
- get a new rug
- add some more cushions (I'm very excited about this one)
- find the perfect mirror to go on the wall

Whilst we've managed to brighten up the living room compared to how it was before, we still have some work to do considering this room gets no direct sunlight. I'm scoping out the perfect floor lamp to put next to Jordan's chair, which is the darkest corner of the room, and get the right mirror we can safely hang on the thin wall to reflect even more light into the kitchen. 

white gallery wall featuring retro style travel prints in orange and blue living room colour scheme

All in all, considering we moved during a pandemic and none of our friends and family have been able to visit yet, I think we've done pretty well! It makes me really happy to see things starting to come together, and that increased positivity is definitely doing us some good too, because what I've learned is that if one of you isn't happy with your surroundings, neither of you are happy, and that just can't happen. Whilst the past few months have been stressful and literally isolating, it's made me realise the things that are important to me, three of those being creativity, making a house a home, and Jordan - because he deserves a medal for putting up with me constantly pottering about and changing things.. 

Whilst looking back at the move itself will bring back memories of stress and feeling uncertain about our new home, the first few months have been filled with love. We've baked several dozen cookies - while I might be the DIYer, he's definitely the cookie baker - watched Community, Queer Eye and Ozark all the way through, and even celebrated our first anniversary with a makeshift restaurant at my desk/sewing table. And that's what 'home' is all about. 

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Good vibes guys ✌🏼