Jesus Christ, what a year 2019 has been. I hinted at a few things in my post all about finding self worth, which thankfully I've hung on to since writing that post. But as time has passed, I've been able to reflect on all the madness this year has brought me, and as it turns out, I've learned a good few lessons along the way, so here they are.

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Don't take anything, or anyone, for granted.

Just because you've been best friends with someone for 10 years doesn't mean they're going to be around forever. Don't take it as a given. I've taken this advice into other relationships I've formed this year, because you really never know what's around the corner. Whether it's friendship breakups or worse, life is too short to think everything is always going to stay the same. You've sometimes got to work at things, and if someone is truly meant to be in your life, they will be. I've learnt to enjoy where you are right now, and hope for the best.

Toxic people are genuinely toxic. Stay away from them like poison.

I know some say the word toxic is overused these days, and maybe it is, but you can't deny that it's the best word to describe some people. Whether they lie, guilt trip or take you for granted, basically, if they make you feel like shit consistently, get rid of them. And don't try and go back a few weeks later, because the chances are, the toxic fumes are definitely still lingering around. Oh, and they might try and make other people think you're the one filled with poison, but the truth always comes out in the end.

Be spontaneous.

Say yes to plans. Debating whether to go for that drink after work or not? Do it. I went for a spontaneous drink with my friend Craig in April and met my now boyfriend. We're moving in together in 2020. A lot can change in a year, all from saying 'yes'.

Know your worth.

This can be applied to many situations, from pricing your rates (ok, still working on that) to your relationships with others. It took a hell of a lot of being treated badly at the beginning of 2019 for me to finally realise that I deserved better than I was getting, and it's the best thing that ever happened to me. You can read alll about it in this post.

You are your own best friend.

I have a small group of people I consider my best friends, but I can't count on them being around forever (see the first point). People have their own lives, and one of my closest friends is moving away to the other side of the world. Hopefully we'll still be best friends, but I can't rely on them to be at my beck and call. Sometimes you've only got yourself for company, and that's perfectly okay.

Yep, those are probably the top 5 lessons I've learned this year. Bring on 2020.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼