Duke Street in Liverpool never used to be much of a destination, just a road you would cut down to get from A to B (B being Liverpool One shopping centre, so it's very handy). But now, it's having a bit of a moment. You could see it gradually happening, with newbies joining old faves such as Amalia and The Munro, but over the past few months, Duke Street has transformed into more than just a shortcut. From small Italian delis to vegan hidden gems and award-winning pub grub, there's something for everyone to eat and drink on Duke Street (and around it, I'm not being too geographically strict here).

Some experiences in this list were gifted, and are marked as such.

duke street food and drink market, liverpool

cafe in duke street food market in liverpool

Duke Street Market

Starting off our 'where to eat and drink' list with the latest and largest addition to Duke Street, the aptly named Duke Street Market. With Mary Mary Florals on the door, the entrance is just as pretty as the interiors, which host loads of different options. You've got a coffee shop and bakery, Asian food specialists Ginger and veggie fave Indigo Greens. Upstairs, you'll find Pilgrim, a "proper foodie" restaurant with a menu inspired by the pilgrimage of Camino de Santiago. There's not an ~awful~ lot of veggie and vegan options, so I've only tried a drink and a pain au chocolate from the market so far, but it's always worth a visit due to being dog friendly, having a fab little roof terrace and for the best loos in Liverpool. Yep, I know you really wanted to know where they were.


Formerly Filter and Fox, Volpi is kind of one of the new kids on the block, kind of not. What used to be known as a place for a coffee or a quick cocktail is now somewhere to go for breakfast, lunch and tea (tea being dinner, we are in Liverpool). And when I say tea, I mean a hell of a lot of pasta.

The Munro

The Munro often pops up as one of Liverpool's best restaurants for some pub grub. I have to admit, I've never actually been, mostly because they're known for their Sunday roasts, and whilst some of you might hate me for this, I'm not much of a roast fan. But if you are, add this place to your list. 


Italian restaurant Amalia is officially home to the best pizza in England, but if that isn't reason enough to go, you can try their calzone challenge and win your food for free, or try their vegetarian lasagne, which is one of the best I've ever eaten. I get it every time I go, and no matter how much bread I fill up on during the starters, I'll always finish it. So. Good.

food and German beer in alberts schenke bar and restaurant liverpool

beer and croquettes in Albert schenke liverpool restaurant

Alberts Schenke (gifted)

When talks of Albert Schloss' little brother coming to Liverpool started to spread, I got excited. I'd heard nothing but good things, and with the promise of pretzels I was 100% on board, so when we were invited down to try the menu, I downloaded that menu pdf faster than you could pour a stein. Which, actually, I imagine isn't that quick to do...

I won't lie, I wasn't totally impressed by the number of veggie options on the menu, with a mushroom main (my arch nemesis) and a roasted cauliflower dish to choose from. Whilst not the most inspired, the roasted cauliflower flatbread was better than I expected. The real stars of the show though were the pea and mint croquettes, which I can still taste now, and cheesy truffle mash. Whatever you choose, the portion sizes are huge, so you get your fill at least. There's also a pretty impressive drinks menu, including a ruby fizz cocktail which is worth a trip back alone. The bar area looked very cute, and would make an ideal date spot to flirt over beer and pretzels, which sounds ideal, no?

Down the Hatch

Liverpool's (first?) all veggie and vegan restaurant is a bit of a hidden gem down some stairs next to a strip club on Duke Street, which makes it very exciting, but unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. If you can visit, try the vegan mac and cheese - it's the best I've ever tried. Paired with some scouse salt and pepper fries, you won't finish it all, but you'll love every bite. Jordan also recommends the captain jack burger, made of jackfruit in case you couldn't tell, and he's not even a vegetarian. Drinks are a little on the pricey side, but with plenty of bars nearby, not to worry. A word of warning though, this place gets booked up fast at peak times, it's a Liverpool fave.


A couple of doors down, you'll find one of the soundest places in Liverpool (lol). A gig space, great bar and pizza joint, and also a great place to watch the match, Sound is a good all rounder. This place is a little sentimental to me, and seeing as it's a small business which has openly talked about its struggles, we all need to do our best to support it.

gin glasses in leafy interior of brunch club liverpool

dark bar interior at brunch club liverpool

Brunch Club (gifted)

Ok, hear me out. I like Brunch Club, but I wouldn't recommend it for brunch. In 2019, Brunch Club had a bit of a makeover and expanded into things like wine and cheese trees for evenings, and honestly, if you're gonna go, go for that - yep, there's vegan options available. I've also popped in for lunch and tried the hummus which was definitely up there with the best, but it's not exactly a breakfast item. Great for an Instagram snap too, but very busy of a weekend.

A Tavola

Tucked away in Liverpool's mini East Village - idk why it's called that, it's a tiny square just off Duke Street - you'll find A Tavola, a little Italian deli where you can stock up on them snacks you miss from your last trip to Italy or try your hand at a cooking masterclass, because who doesn't want to cook like a true Italian?


A classic British Indian restaurant, full of deals and great for a family meal or a big tea after a day of shopping. I can't give a personal review, but seeing as it's a Duke Street staple, it's worth including on this list of places to eat in Liverpool.

Il Forno

After hearing how fab this Italian is for years, I finally got to visit for my 25th birthday meal. The pasta was nice, maybe nothing to write home about, but the cocktails, puddings and the carbonara actually scooped out of a wheel of cheese my boyfriend had, made it worthy of a place on this list.

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Good vibes guys ✌🏼