It's back for the third year in a row (drumroll please), the 2019 small business Christmas gift guide! Each year I like to do one of these posts recommending some great gifts to buy from small, independent businesses because, as you might know if you read last year's gift guide, I love to support indie makers as much as possible, especially since my mum started her own business a few years ago.

AD: affiliate links to Etsy are included in this post.

I can't express how much it means to a maker when someone buys something they've made. Whenever you click 'buy' on the likes of Etsy or Instagram, the person on the other end does a happy dance. I swear, I've seen it. So, this shopping season, why not spread some happy dances and get something truly unique and made with love to give to the people you love this Christmas?
small business Christmas gift guide 2019; gold hand necklace, white spiced candles, personalised white ceramic hot chocolate mug

I've been a fan of Rock n Rose jewellery for years, and I feel like a lot of you will be onto them already, but if you're not, their website is definitely worth a scroll.. it's all so dreamy, and based in the North East I believe!

Holly makes these lovely candles and sells them on her website Witch Cake. There's these Christmas ones, plus a bunch of goddess ones which will definitely appeal to anybody into their witchcraft and magic. 

I spotted this little hot chocolate mug whilst having my regular Etsy browse and thought it'd be a great all rounder, there's not many people this wouldn't be a good gift for tbh.
black jar candle, white chocolate red Christmas door chocolate set, lilac crochet handbag

My mum already has a candle from Cocochi and tells me at least once a week how great it smells. The candle maker herself is based in Liverpool, so I have to support my local makers! (And you should too).

Everyone loves a box of chocolates at Christmas am I right? When I saw these on Etsy I knew I had to include them, they're so cute.

Now I couldn't do a small business Christmas gift guide without including something from my mum's Etsy shop, could I? She has loads of handmade bags on there, so definitely take a gander even if this lilac crochet bag isn't for you, but it is pretty adorable.
tortoiseshell monstera cheese plant leaf shaped statement earrings, houseplant with pink stems, sustainable gift set with toothbrushes, earbuds, floss, straws and tote bag

Plant mom and earring addict? Done and done.

If you follow me on Instagram you'll know by now that I'm a huge fan of Root Houseplants, but you don't have to be based in Liverpool to shop there, they have an online shop!

I've been using Bam and Boo toothbrushes for about a year now, and when they sent through an email about their new Christmas gift pack with sustainable toothbrushes, buds, straws, floss and a bag, I knew at least one of you guys would love it. You can get a bigger pack too. 
fudge set, brightly coloured monstera print makeup bag, Christmas bath bombs

Fudgin is ran by my mate Kimberley, and not only is she one of the loveliest people on this planet, but she makes delightful fudge, all by hand. She doesn't have a website atm but message her for details on Instagram!

The colours, the print, the monstera. Honestly I don't know anyone who wouldn't want this as a gift.

And last but not least, a Christmas gift classic, the bath bomb. This Etsy shop sells packs of 6 in a bunch of different festive scents - and - they're vegan and cruelty free.

There it is! 2019's small business Christmas gift guide. I really hope you got some inspiration from this post and who knows, even bought something from it. I can't stress enough how much it means to a small business when anyone buys something, so spread a little joy this Christmas and shop small.

If you want some more inspo, I'll be sharing weekly threads on my twitter like last year!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼