dungarees seventies style fashion with baker boy cap, aviator sunglasses, check jacket and Burgundy cord dungarees

corduroy dungarees, denim shirt tied at waist, black and white checked jacket with black faux fur collar, orange tint aviator ASOS sunglasses

I really am seventies obsessed lately, aren't I? You guys saw these orange tinted shades in my last fashion post, and they're back again. I will spice it up soon, I promise. This jacket though, this is new to the blog. I actually got this for Christmas and I've been desperate to share it with you guys, but it's been too. damn. cold. Then one day, I said "enough is enough, BE GONE WINTER" and threw on this jacket with these cord dungarees (dungarees? jumpsuit? who knows) to style up.

This little checked jacket is actually pretty warm though, especially when you bring out a double layer. I don't know what it is about denim under checks but I am totally feeling it. Check blazers and dusters are everywhere at the moment, so if you've fallen under their spell, I seriously suggest putting some denim underneath. Extra points for the corduroy textures, too.

how to style dungarees seventies inspired, topshop baker boy hat, ASOS orange 70s sunglasses, denim shirt and cord dungarees with topshop black faux leather circle studded bag

denim shirt worn over dungarees with snake print ankle boots on liverpool fashion blogger

Liverpool fashion blogger portrait with orange tint aviator 70s style sunglasses from ASOS

This denim shirt is one of those things that tends to sit at the back of my wardrobe, bought when I was trying desperately hard to look like an art school student (but never quite succeeding). I thought it looked pretty cute tied up, plus it cinches me in at the waist, which comes in handy with these straight-up-and-down dungarees. Then I'm sort of playing with silhouette again with this massive 70s-esque collar. Funnily enough, when you zip this check jacket up, it's a definite 60s shape, but left to do its thing, the collar goes a bit rogue and I'm loving that for this seventies style that I am oh so obsessed with lately.

This oversized faux fur collar with these orange aviators definitely makes me look like I've stepped straight out of the most stylish decade of them all and you know what? I'm not mad about it. I am worried I'm turning into Jackie Burkehart ever so slightly though. Should I be stopped? Stay tuned to see me dressed like a total California skateboarder next week or something, because I seem to flip from one thing to another! Actually, it will still be way too cold for that.

70s inspired fashion by liverpool style blogger

70s inspired street style how to wear dungarees, baker boy, aviators, denim shirt, circle bag

70s style fashion blogger, black baker boy cap, orange aviators, monochrome check jacket from pretty little thing, purple cord dungarees

I'm actually pretty proud of this outfit in the end, after much deliberation and walking downstairs with odd shoes to ask my mum which ones she thinks I should go with. I guess these pieces wouldn't obviously go together, but somehow it works (although I am aware a boot with a little more height may have been more flattering). I always like it when a plan comes together. I'll definitely be taking some notes on how else to layer up some denim this coming season too, it will certainly fit into this whole Western trend we're seeing at the minute. Anyone else a massive fan? Because I want it all..

Polonecks, or turtlenecks if you prefer, are always a good shout for wearing under dungarees, especially in the winter. Come spring and summer I'll be switching them up for band tees and striped tops, which again are always a classic styling choice.

UK fashion blogger 70s inspired street style styling dungarees

full length seventies style outfit styling dungarees

check jacket Pretty Little Thing via ASOS - shirt Zara (similar) - poloneck jumper Primark - corduroy dungarees ASOS - snake print boots ASOS (similar) - circle bag Topshop - baker boy hat Topshop - orange tint sunglasses ASOS

And that's how I'm styling my dungarees! Whilst winter is my favourite season fashion wise, I can't lie, I'm pretty excited for spring to switch up my wardrobe a little. What are you bringing into your new season wardrobe?

Huge thanks to Jessica Grace Neal for taking these photos! Make sure to check her out if you're a Liverpool blogger like myself.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼

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