2017 has been a pretty wild ride. Internationally, it's been a disaster. Personally, it's been filled with extreme highs and extreme lows, but thankfully more highs. I mean, I graduated with a distinction in my master's degree and travelled across the USA, something I've been planning for seven years, which is amazing. Then, on the other hand, I've struggled to find work for a while, got in a funk and saw loved ones go through a tremendously hard time. The hard times of 2017 have taught me that things don't always go to plan. Whether that be getting caught in a hurricane or not getting a job, it will all be okay in the end. I witnessed the shooting in Las Vegas this year, and it shook me up. Weeks later, someone I love very much was really, really unwell. Whilst that time was awful, it taught me not to take life for granted, and that true friendship is stronger than anything.

In the spirit of not taking life for granted, I thought it would be a good idea to celebrate my 2017 highlights. I love reading these posts or threads around this time of year, it can make you realise just how lucky you really are. If you like them too, check out my 2016 post while you're here.

best friends NYE

- kicking off 2017 with my best mates at a house party
- bowling for Nimali's 6th birthday
- going on a night out in Manchester with my uni girls (and of course going for brunch the next day)
- guest lecturing on my old course, International Fashion Promotion at MMU
- meeting guide dogs in training at uni with Beth and becoming instantly relaxed
- going to see Circa Waves, the Magic Gang and In Heaven at the guild, with Beth and Eve (who was home for the weekend!)
- meeting my cousin's gorgeous daughters, Elisé and Libby-Rae
- getting to know the Liverpool bloggers better and meeting new creative and inspiring friends
- having a mother daughter day at the Trafford centre with Charlotte Tilbury

mother daughter makeup at Charlotte tilbury

- going for burgers and mac'n'cheese with Beth, Becky and Betty at Free State Kitchen
- having fun in the park with my other cousin's kids, Eva and Joseph
- having my first 'proper PR meeting' and feeling super proud of myself and my blog
- becoming a freelance content writer for a while
- daily walks around town with my best friend, because the shops were right on our doorstep...
- my uni friends coming to visit Liverpool, resulting in us going to bingo and getting a hangover brunch
- being featured in i-D talking about the election, which means I am now officially ~cool~
- getting stuck into the election and supporting Labour all the way, then counting the votes and feeling super proud of the UK youth vote
- fulfilling a lifelong dream of going to a friends quiz (twice)

liverpool bloggers the clothes show 2017

- having a ball all weekend with my Liverpool bloggers when the British Style Collective came to Liverpool
- celebrating my bestie's amazing uni results with a day of fun and cocktails
- going to the Aperol spritz event with Alex, Samm and Danielle and laughing so, so hard
- getting to hang out with my cousin's pug, Lolly
- seeing the Coral, the Libertines and Jeremy Corbyn at Wirral Live

best friends graduation

- attending my bestie's graduation, feeling immensely proud
- seeing blink-182 for the third time
- seeing family all together (including a surprise visit from my cousins Tom and Stephen) for my aunty's 70th
- going on the randomest nights out with school friends which turned out to be some of the best
- representing The Hippy Rose in our first summer arts market at Liverpool cathedral
- celebrating five years of Tie Dye Eyes

graduation photo

- handing in my dissertation and completing my master's degree - getting a distinction, don't ya know
- living on my own for two months, which is something I never thought I would be able to do
- having several cute days in town with mum, consisting of photoshoots, coffee and pizza
- finally, after saving for seven whole years, going on an American road trip with my bestie (there's a few vlogs on Youtube if you want to see)
- visiting Disneyworld for the first time, at the grand old age of 22
- spending time with family in Florida and growing even closer to them
- finally getting to New York, where I got to see Monica's apartment, cross the Brooklyn bridge and get to the top of the rock
- visiting family in Wisconsin, meeting some of them for the first time
- winning $110 in Caesar's Palace and feeling like a total baller

San Diego ocean beach

- chilling on the beach in San Diego, watching the surfers and the sunset, feeling like I was in a movie
- cycling between Santa Monica and Venice beach (and crashing several times)
- going on a night out with total strangers in LA and making friends from around the world
- sitting on the actual Friends couch on the Central Perk set at Warner Brothers studios
- babysitting the cuties Freddie and Oliver

family photo Christmas 2017

- having a proper family day on Christmas Eve eve
- babysitting my gorgeous girls Nelum and Nimali for our first sleepover in Liverpool
- several coffee catch ups with my blogger friends
- filming my first Youtube collab with Craig
- reaching 100 Etsy sales with The Hippy Rose
- getting a job after months of searching

And there are my 2017 highlights. Some small, some pretty big, but all making me smile and giving me something to remember forever. Thank you to absolutely everyone who has been a part of my 2017, from my school friends, my uni friends, my family, my bestie, and my blogger friends. You're all boss. Here's to 2018!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼