Whilst we might be teetering on the edge of summer, let's face it, the UK weather isn't always that predictable. Despite it being officially summer, that doesn't mean we're guaranteed wall to wall sunshine, which is why it's still important to remember your layers guys. This is especially true for festivals, because let's admit it, it always rains at festivals. In fact I don't think I've ever been to a festival where it hasn't rained.. So today we're talking about possibly the most transitional of all transitional pieces, the jacket.

Every few years or so, a new style of jacket comes into season and it's everywhere. We've seen this over the past year or two with bomber jackets, and in 2016 we even had a souvenir jacket phase. If you ask me, biker jackets will never not be "in" - they're the coolest jacket of all. Then there's the denim, something which never left my back during the nineties and early 2000s and has appeared again over the past few years. But if you're after a classic, it's the trench coat you're after. And don't let the word 'coat' put you off here, trenches are light, airy and great pieces to wear all year round. But if you're still hesitant, check out this Jack Wills trench coat which is cropped to hip length, making it a 'trench jacket', or 'trenket'..in fact no, that doesn't sound right, does it? I was trying to be clever there, making an alternative to the 'shacket' or 'coatigan' but it just doesn't work. Let's stop it with these weird merged words.

The biker jacket

warehouse faux leather jacket on liverpool fashion blogger

If you've seen my latest haul video, you'll know I swear by Warehouse faux leather jackets. My first lasted me from the age of 16 up until just a year ago, and now I have a new one which cost me just £48. They're amazing quality and, let's be honest here, make you look ten times cooler than you actually are. Read my first blog post with this jacket in my 'what to wear to a gig' post.

The denim jacket

denim jacket patches on Liverpool style blogger jacket

I'm not quite sure why, but I've never actually featured my denim jacket on the blog before, despite it being one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. What I love most about denim jackets is how customisable they are. Denim is the fabric most people start off with when customising their clothes, which I did a lot of growing up. The one I have now, I've made my own with a cluster of badges and pins, which I think are a cool way of showing my personality through what I wear. You could pass me on the street and just by looking at my jacket, you'd have an idea about who I am, which is perfect for showing off your music taste during festival season.

The trench coat

jack wills trench coat: how to style a trench coat

As I said before, just because it has the word 'coat' in it, don't disregard the trench coat as a valuable piece to have in your spring / summer wardrobe. With all the drizzly showers we have here in the UK, the trench coat actually feels like an obvious option, right? Jack Wills have loads of styles available, so whether you're a fan of the classic trench or you're after a more updated version, chances are there's one for you. The cute, cropped pastel trench coat is perfect for festival season! I think I'd be bringing the pink one along with me if I was heading back to Worthy farm this year. If you're not sure how to rock the classic trench all year round, I'd recommend checking out the 'how to style a trench coat' guide, which has some interesting info on the history of the trench, blogger inspiration and even a swish video for festival fashion ideas.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.