Liverpool fashion blogger, missguided eyelet detail hoodie

Liverpool blogger showing how to style a hoodie, plus asos farleigh jeans with fishnets underneath

If you're not new here, you know my style by now. Well, in a way, I'm always changing my mind, but that's the fun of fashion, right? But what you might have thought is I would never walk round in a hoodie. The only hoodie I've owned since the age of 13 was an MMU one I won at freshers fair, and even that was only ever worn inside. That all changed when I had a quick browse of Missguided last week, and what do you know, they just happened to have a promotion on. It was fate.

The idea of a large hoodie with jeans or leggings still isn't my jam, but I couldn't resist this cropped hoodie with eyelet detail. Trendy AF. When styling this hoodie, I decided to go the whole hog trend wise and pair it with fishnets. This would look amazing with a cute ruffle skirt, fishnets and boots, but it's still way too cold for that, so fishnets layered under jeans it is. You can read more about my love affair with farleigh jeans in an old post. I had quite a bit of fun styling this, maybe I could do a blog post or even a video on how to style a hoodie. What do you think? Let me know in the comments?

fishnets under jeans, spring summer trends 2017

Liverpool fashion blogger, missguided eyelet detail cropped hoodie

This sleeve detailing is everything. It's all about the sleeves lately, but this proves you don't need ruffles or bell sleeves to be cool in 2017. A mesh top underneath would just add to this look I think, but the cheapest I've found so far is like £12, and I just can't justify spending that on a piece of mesh. Is that just me? Just as well this hoodie is just £20. I should visit Missguided more often..

Liverpool style blogger showing how to style a hoodie for spring summer 2017

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