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I've always said I've never really fancied going to Paris (cue bloggers everywhere dropping their macarons in horror), but lately, I've been considering it. Not that I can afford to head to France right now, but some time in the future. Why not? I'd just survive of bread the whole weekend, it'd be great. And that sudden urge to go to Paris is kind of creeping its way out into my outfit choice here, I mean, a striped top and beret? Could I be any more stereotypical? This wasn't planned, I promise, but the colour of my Mary Quant vintage beret does fit in nicely with this street art background, don't you think?

striped top print clashing, Liverpool street art, Liverpool fashion blogger

Outfit inspiration spring 2017, Liverpool street art, Liverpool fashion blogger

You might recognise this vintage beret by Mary Quant from a recent outfit post I shot outside the Jacaranda, it was a rare occasion for me to be there sober. That post was part of my Liverpool 60s style lookbook, which I'm still really proud of. Check it out on my Youtube channel if you haven't already, I'm hoping to do some more similar videos over the coming months.

print clashing, outfit ideas spring 2017, Liverpool street art, Liverpool fashion blogger

too faced liquid lipsticks, chocolate milkshake too faced, Liverpool street art, Liverpool fashion blogger

beret vintage Mary Quant - top Primark (old) - choker gift - lipstick 'chocolate milkshake' by Too Faced - coat Topshop - culottes Zara (old) - vans

Remember when 'print clashing' was like, a huge thing? It was never really a trend I got stuck into. I've never been much of a floral print fan, which left me with just stripes and the odd bit of tartan in my wardrobe. But here I am pairing spots and stripes like it's nobody's business. What's your take on print clashing, for or against? I'm weirdly intrigued to know. 

Pssst. I apologise for these photos not being the clearest I've ever posted, I made the rookie error of arriving at the place to shoot and then realising I'd left my SD card in my laptop, so these pictures were shot on my phone. I hope they're okay! But I have been working really hard on my Instagram lately (lol how lame do I sound?) but I'd really appreciate it if you came and had a look if you're not following me already.

Good vibes guys