It's late December and I'm sure everyone's Youtube sub boxes and Bloglovin' feeds are filled with these kinds of posts by now but here I am jumping on the bandwagon. Granted, it's something a little different for me, but I thought it might be kind of therapeutic and almost reassuring to go through the ups and downs that 2016 has brought me. It's been a tough year for all of us, from Bowie to Brexit (and let's not even mention Trump), but amongst all the dark times, there have been some good moments, and hopefully sharing them will help spread the joy.

international fashion promotion mum graduation

So starting with possibly my proudest moment of 2016, I graduated with a first in International Fashion Promotion from Manchester Metropolitan University. Miss you MMU! If you fancy a laugh, see what I wore on my first day of uni in an old post.

I met David Hasselhoff backstage at Bongo's bingo. It was a great night.

Thanks to a pretty fun uni assignment, my work was recognised by the talented Mary Benson, who then invited me to her LFW show. Whaaaaat?

My family from America, who I last seen in 2008, came to stay (twice!)

Milan duomo

I went to Milan as a 21st present with my best friend Beth.

I got a first on my dissertation which I worked my arse off for.

I relaunched my blog after seven months of devoting myself to uni work. See my "comeback post" here.

Blink-182 made their comeback after a pretty traumatic time for Blink fans. California is such a good album.

alice in wonderland syndrome

As a result of that Mary Benson assignment I mentioned earlier, I randomly became a freelance illustrator, being published by the Metro online. Read more about my illustrations in this post.

After working from home during my third year of uni, after I'd finished I started working in the Voodou office again.

I went to London a few times this year, for more than one family party.

I relaunched my Youtube channel after years of leaving it to gather dust.

glastonbury sign 2016

After three years of trying to get tickets, I finally got to Glastonbury. Despite the mud, lineup and Beth fainting, it was amazing and I can't wait to go back.

This summer me and my best friend finally moved in together in an amazing flat in the middle of town. I never want to leave!

I joined the Liverpool bloggers network, which has lead to more opportunities and more blogger friends.

I've made a lot of blogger friends this year, who I've genuinely loved getting to know. We all show massive support for each other and I love them dearly.

senso-ji temple tokyo

I finally got to visit Tokyo after becoming obsessed with Harajuku style way back in 2004 and I definitely want to go back and explore more of Japan. See my Tokyo photo diary for more snaps.

Hippy Club, the brand I'd been working for, was nominated for a Merseyside Independent Business award.

I did my best to conquer my fear of public speaking and gave a guest lecture at my old uni, which felt amazing!

I also did my best to conquer my phobia of needles, taking part in CBT and not just holding a syringe but HAVING a needle! I may have screamed the hospital down and cried like a bitch, but I did it, and the mole got removed in the end.

Voodou liverpool

More of my artwork was published, with these posters being plastered around Liverpool for a Voodou campaign.

I started my masters in digital marketing at LJMU.

I got to organise a blogger event at Voodou, where I got to hang with my new blogger friends and smash some targets at work.

Just before Christmas, my mum's Etsy The Hippy Rose reached 50 sales on Etsy!

So there's my top moments of 2016. Hopefully at least one of them brought a smile to your face and maybe you got to know a little more about me. What were your top moments of 2016?

Good vibes guys and here's to an amazing 2017!