I realise the irony that these photos were actually taken indoors. This coat is in fact a dressing gown from my local charity shop (where I volunteer - as you can see on my storie vlogs) which I picked up for £2.99. This style of dressing gown (or house coat or robe, whatever you say) was popular a good few decades ago, as opposed to the hooded fleecy goodness we have today. With my love for paisley and ever-increasing coat collection which has already broken my dress rail four times, I couldn't leave it behind. All it took was a little lining done by my lovely mum and violá!

coat charity shop / jumper forever 21 (old) / hat river island (old) / jeans river island / boots ASOS

I couldn't leave those outtakes. Look at me playfully throwing my hat to, well, that

What do you think? Would you ever guess this was a vintage dressing gown?

As I mentioned, I'm now vlogging on the storie app - it's a new platform which means anyone can vlog, even without a fancy camera or editing software, find me at allie_davies!

Good vibes guys 

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