Not only do I love this time of year for the crisp weather or the mountains of layers of clothing and, lets face it, presents, but it gives me a valid excuse to stay in and curl up in a onesie. I'm a hermit all year round, but over Christmas, one of the best things to do is get in a new onesie, watch some netflix, read a book, drink some tea and eat your way through a tin or two of quality street. Am I right?

winter night in essentails: tea, book, yankee candle and polka dot onesie

south beach polka dot onesie blogger review

south beach polka dot onesie blogger review

onesie* south beach / slippers primark

If I had minnie mouse ears, rest assured I would be wearing them in this post. You're getting my pug slippers instead. I don't think we need to discuss how cute these are, but the onesie is lovely - it's got a hood and everything! All onesies should have hoods if you ask me. It's nice and soft and super comfortable, not bad for £10 eh? My only point would be the lack of pockets, but I can live with that. 

So, what are your favourite things to have or wear on a winter night in? And MERRY CHRISTMAS to all of those who celebrate it, I hope you have a lovely time and get everything you wished for. Speak to you soon!

Good vibes guys 

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