For some reason, I was feeling Parisian the other day. If this isn't your first time here then you'll know this doesn't happen often. I'm a lover of stripes, yes, but I rarely go down the French route, instead I usually veer towards the 'just rolled out of bed wishing I was in haim' look. I suppose I still had elements of that, with my wild and wavy hair, but this outfit is pretty sophisticated for me, don't you think? I even thought it would be cute for an interview, with a few alterations. Bear in mind (is it bear or bare? hmm) I am applying for jobs in fashion, so the usual black polyester pants and an ill-fitted shirt just won't cut it. But the actual occasion was only a driving lesson, so nothing profession or Parisian after all.

OOTD featuring black and white striped long sleeved top, peter pan collar white shirt, black aline skirt with front pockets from H&M, black primark tights and satchel and knee high black flat boots

navy eyeko eyeliner, haim hair, blue and green eyes, multicoloured eyes, different coloured eyes

top* F&F (old) / shirt topshop (old) / skirt H&M (old) / boots pull & bear (old) / bag primark (old)

Oops! Sorry they're all old pieces, my bad!

Good vibes guys