If you read my last post, you'll know this one was coming. Last weekend I attended the North West fashion festival held here in Liverpool. There were fashion shows, stalls, cupcakes, dancers, and girls painted with green and glitter. Hundreds of local fashion enthusiasts (is that a thing?) came to the event, some dressed devoted to trends, others with a strong sense of their own style. You can take a guess at which ones I decided to snap. 

north west fashion festival liverpool streetstyle, novelty accessories

This bag excited me as soon as I saw it's owner strutting down the red carpet. They've been around for a while, often appearing in river island every AW for the past few years, but the way this bag added so much excitement to this outfit got me giddy. It won't be to everybody's taste, but it will probably make you smile. Novelty accessories are becoming more and more popular, not just with the kawaii crowd but with the fashion week front row now too. Even Bryan Boy owns a fake Chanel perfume bottle phone cover.

north west fashion streetstyle, emerging trend chunky boots

These women all have completely different personal styles, as you can tell straight off, but they're all wearing chunky black boots (the hawk eyed among you will notice the second and third pair are identical), which all blend seamlessly into their looks. Look one is gothic and grungey with platform soles and laces, whilst looks two and three are slightly more girly but with a tough edge. Look three definitely took inspiration from the grunge era and glammed it up with her curly blow and embellished belt, whilst look two kept it simple and almost preppy. I don't know how old the woman in the middle is, but I do know that she was there with her daughter, so kudos girl, because I don't know many mothers that have the confidence to pull off a PVC midi and platforms so well, you look amazing.

north west fashion festival streetstyle, emerging trends gender role reversal

north west fashion festival streetstyle, holographic silver brogues

A rise in gender neutral arguments, linked to feminism, LGBT rights and half of tumblr, has influenced fashion in a big way over the past few months. You may think it's either 'geek chic' or a 'feminine touch' (depending on which way you look at it), but it is blurring the gender lines from either side, making it not only perfectly acceptable for girls to dress in brogues and blazers, but for men to wear delicate prints and flash a bit of ankle. I love this, and I'd put my money on the fact that we're going to be seeing a lot more of it. Bonus points for making your masculine pieces even cooler like these holographic silver brogues. Need!

north west fashion festival streetstyle jessica steele

After snapping this photo, I later found out that this stylish girl is Jessica Steele from the voice, but all I noticed was the fun lip print offset by her stunning red hair and perfectly crisp white converse. More of a summer look of course, but great for on stage. I think I need this print on everything.

And that's what I snapped at this year's NWFF. Do you see any emerging trends that you might like to try? And which is your favourite look?

Good vibes guys