If you've been following me on twitter you might know that last Saturday night I was lucky enough to be attending the UK fashion and beauty awards. The event was organised by the same lady, Amanda Moss, who runs Liverpool fashion week. I even did a post on that last year, which you can read here. Over 20,000 people voted for the awards, which celebrated models, MUAs, hairdressers, nail technicians, high street retailers, designers and salons. Most of the categories were for locals, so it was great to see Liverpool talent being rewarded. We are well known for our hair, makeup and tan after all! 

UK fashion and beauty awards 2014, liverpool fab awards 2014

The evening consisted of a three course meal (if you know me IRL you'll know how it went.. fussiest eater ever!) but it did all feel a bit swanky. Table service and everything. This is very posh for me okay, I even had business cards and everything. I was sat on the press table and got speaking to the most wonderful women, who made me feel at ease after my slight panic attack in the car. In between courses there was entertainment from dance troupes and singers and a chance to browse some stalls. Look at these stunning dresses from Patty Fashion - I wish I knew about these when I had my prom, they're like real life princess gowns! 

patty fashion dresses prom dresses

It was lovely to see how much winning these awards meant to some of the nominees, just look at this little fella's face who won best young male model. You can't help but smile, can you? The talent of some of the make up artists was unbelievable, can I hire someone to come do my makeup for me everyday? I can pay you in tea and biscuits. That's a fair deal, right? 

After all of the awards were announced, there was a quick fashion show of sorts. I say of sorts because it wasn't really a typical fashion show, more of a publicity stunt for the #fineparents campaign, which is fighting the government's plans to fine parents who take their children on holiday during term time. If you're not from the UK, basically, there's a bit of a palava over it. It's a bit of a controversial issue though, what do you think?

#fineparents fine parents campaign

miss teen galaxy

The hair, makeup and sequin gowns really inspired me, eventhough I don't go to enough posh dos to justify buying tonnes of dresses, I certainly wouldn't mind doing a shoot or two with them.. next uni project perhaps? I definitely need to incorporate this beauty queen's crown in a shoot, how pretty?! I'm totally not envious of her crown..honest.

Tickets for Liverpool fashion week 2014 go on sale soon so keep an eye out on their twitter.