Such a creative title, I know. But there's a hella blue in this outfit. You may recognise the slip dress (also worn with milkmaid braids and boots) from this post, well, I love it so much I packed it for my trip to Anglesey, which is beautiful by the way, and decided to throw on some layers to change the look ever so slightly. I know it's not completely different but the truth is I really liked the outfit so if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

OOTD, blue floral slip dress, denim gilet, layers, stripey crop top, asos boots

asos blue lilac pastel scalloped edge satchel bag

gilet vintage / top* F&F / dress glamorous via TK Maxx / boots ASOS / bag ASOS / sunglasses primark / choker* little shirley beans

Adding to all the blueyness (totally a word) is this very very very old denim gilet. I'm not sure quite how long I've owned this, but I'd guess at least 10 years. It was originally a jacket and at some point during my childhood in some pathetic attempt to become cooler I hacked off the sleeves, added a few badges and even appliqued the back. Then another few years later the applique disappeared and the badges were transferred onto my year seven school bag and the gilet got lost in the mountain of ironing. Almost eight years later, it has resurfaced and made it's way back into my heart. I don't know where it's from originally, but seeing as it's practically as old as me now, let's call it vintage for labelling purposes.

Speaking of new bags, you might remember a very old post where I introduced the brand Angela & Roi, a charity/handbag mashup. Well the lovely team got in touch with me recently to tell me about their new ribbon project, where anyone, A&R customer or not, can leave a message to disease sufferers which will be delivered with bags. It's a lovely idea and I thought I would share it with you, so go ahead and make somebody smile.