LFW AW14 will always be a memorable season for me. No, not because Kendall sat next to Anna Wintour or Pam Hogg's dedication to pussy riot, but because it was my first proper fashion week. Don't be fooled, I wasn't invited to any shows and definitely didn't get to dress up and swan around the courtyard, instead, I was an intern. Every season, Fashion Scout ask for both front of house and backstage interns to help them run their shows throughout fashion week for up-and-coming designers as well as those who are a little more established such as Felder Felder and Pam Hogg. Yes, it was an unpaid internship, think of that what you will, but as a young fashion student in an extremely competitive environment with family kind enough to let me stay, I had to go for it. And I don't regret a single moment. The lessons I have learned, the people I have worked with, the friends I have made and the experience I have gained, it's all been so amazing. I've had one of the best weeks of my entire life.

Image is my own. See my instagram for more behind the scenes snaps of LFW AW14.

My first task as an intern was dressing for Felder Felder. Talk about jumping in at the deep end! They already had some of their own interns there, who some of us partnered up with. We had half a corridor in Freemasons hall which was crammed with photographers, journalists, make up artists, hairdressers, models and a bunch of people with a job-title I'm not sure of. But they did seem rather important. Thankfully, my model, Sophie, only had one change which meant all I had to do was get her out of her t-shirt and jeans and into her feathered top, snakeskin skirt, heels and sunglasses. All of which were fabulous, it has to be said. Some other interns had more than one change, so I helped them in the manic rush, praying I wouldn't rip a dress in the process. The show went off without a hitch, and believe it or not, no panic attacks.

Throughout the week, I dressed for Felder Felder, the Ones to Watch show, Kiev Fashion Days, Hema Kaul, Apu Jan, Basharatyan V and Marina Hoermanseder. All of which had impressive collections and some of which I will do more in-depth blog posts on in the near future. Getting to meet the designers and their hard-working teams was a wonderful insight into the industry and how they had come from small design studios at other ends of the world to showing at one of the major four fashion weeks of the world. Not only was I a dresser, but during the week I was also doing more mundane tasks of carrying boxes, cleaning mirrors, replacing floors and holding doors for the frow. A girl's gotta pay her dues and work from the bottom though, right?

I did manage to catch a few shows as they headed down the runway, which is also where I got to meet bloggers such as Lily Melrose (you may know she is the sole reason I started blogging in the first place) and celebrities such as Pandemonia, you know, the guy/girl who wears latex blow-up suits to all the shows and has an inflatable dog? That was pretty cool. But backstage was where I had the most fun, I made great, like-minded friends who I'll hopefully be seeing again soon, I chatted with surprisingly friendly models, the stereotypes aren't always true you know, and worked with talented stylists such as Rebekah Roy. Although some stereotypes aren't always true, the typical image that we all have in mind of stressed but well dressed very important people running about in their Prada heels with their unpaid sleep-depriven interns in tow, fetching and carrying with press releases coming out of her ears is reasonably true. The models are gorgeous and very non-chalant, seemingly unaffected by the manic rush around them, and the hairdressers are too cool for a regular front, back and sides and there are photographers EVERYWHERE.

Oh yeah and if you didn't already see my bragging tweet, I briefly met Dame Vivienne Westwood during a tour of the media and VIP lounge at Somerset House. BOOYAH. I also met the super lovely Leanne Woodfull and bumped into Chelsea Leyland and Sir Phillip Green. 'Twas a great day.

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