You may be thinking today's outfit post looks a little boring, well that's because it's my school uniform. Dress code technically but whatever. This morning the weather was atrocious, but I don't feel it's quite time for hats, gloves and scarves just yet, so I threw on my new jumper (the latest to an ever-growing collection) with the mandatory white shirt and black skirt and ofcourse a pop of red - my favourite colour, you might have noticed?

Also, how nice is this nail polish?! I got it the other day from Avon, it's quite similar to a lot of the latest A/W polishes but much cheaper!
earrings a gift from my friend a few birthdays ago, shirt from H&M's sale last year, jumper Primark's latest drop, skirt bought off ebay originally from Primark, shoes from Shoo Shoo in Liverpool, belt from Primark a while ago - I wish I also got it in the dark green to match these nails! bracelet is from Leeds festival (I still haven't taken it off..) and my bag is from Topshop.

Also, thanks to my friend Beth for taking these lovely photos! :)