I had a pretty busy day yesterday, painting all day in school which was a nice change, afterwards I went into town to feed the homeless and later on I went to the pictures. I found feeding the homeless to be a good experience, it was something I've never done before and it really shocked me that not everyone there fitted the stereotype of a homeless person, infact there were men and women of all ages, all in that situation for different reasons. I'd definitely recommend volunteering, I actually had a good time :) 
I wore this cosy outfit to the pictures last night to see Blake Lively's new film 'Savages'. I didn't look up the film before I went so pretty much had no idea what I was going to watch, but it was pretty good actually (if you like violent films that is, luckily for me I love a good action film). The weather has been very wet the past few days, which might explain why these pictures look so dark and gloomy, oops.

You'll notice I haven't accessorised this outfit much. Truth is I couldn't decide what to do with it! Long or short necklace? Belt? If so, thick or thin? And what shoes?! It was one of those "I'll just throw this on" moments. Any advice for next time?

jumper new look sale, maxi dress is unbranded and boots are also unbranded from a long time ago and my bracelet is from Leeds festival.