Now the weather's getting a little colder I couldn't resist this oversized cream cardigan, especially as I had a voucher for 20% off! I've been looking for one for a while, but I'm really fussy, and today I found this and fell in love! It makes a great alternative cover up rather than all my black ones. Borrrring. Also a note about my dress, I just have to share the love, I bought this as a Christmas dress in 2010 and have worn it an awful lot since then, I wear it casually, just going to the shops or being with friends, I wear it to sixth form and I've even worn it on a few nights out. It's a lovely cream lace with black jersey and a peter pan collar, it's amazing! I call it my 'go to' dress.

 I'm really going to have to move that sundial off the wall, aren't I? It looks like I have a satellite attached to my head or something..
cardigan from New Look - bought today so they're definitely still in stock!, dress from Topshop almost 2 years ago, bracelet from Matalan and shoes are from Debenhams, but are no longer stocked, see more about that here.
Mmmm cosy!