Whilst I blog in my spare time, I also work as a social media co-ordinator, freelance writer and illustrator. If you would like any more information regarding my freelance work and/or pricing, please don't hesitate to pop me an email at and check out my portfolio.

I also offer custom portraits, banners and social media buttons for bloggers from just £5. If you're interested in a custom illustration, pop me an email or tweet me, I'd be happy to work together! You can know exactly what you want or give me free reign, I'll always try my best to match your illustrations to your personality and style of your blog. All illustrations are sent digitally in a range of sizes in case you would like to use one as a profile picture or get it printed (that'd be nice!).

Portraits: £15*
Banners: £15
Social media buttons: £5

*Please note for portraits featuring another person/animal, the price increases by £3.



Freelance work and collaborations:

The Metro, 2016

Mary Benson, 2015