Liverpool based fashion blogger, 60s style outfit at the cavern, Mathew street Liverpool

Yep, that's me, the girl behind Tie-Dye-Eyes. My name's Allie, I'm 23 and I'm a Liverpool based fashion blogger. I've just finished my masters degree in digital marketing and went off to travel North America. Now, I guess, I'm figuring stuff out, and every so often I blog about it.

I launched Tie-Dye-Eyes as a personal style / fashion blog way back in 2012, so I've been in the blogging game quite a while. In that time, not only has the blogging scene changed dramatically, but I've changed quite a bit too, and it's pretty cool to look back on how much has changed since I was 17. In that time, I've went on to get a degree in International Fashion Promotion at MMU, which is one of the reasons I started this blog in the first place. 

Now, whilst Tie-Dye-Eyes is still predominantly a fashion blog, I like to throw in the odd beauty and lifestyle post, whilst talking about creativity and showing off my beautiful city of Liverpool. You can find more of this kind of content on my Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and Youtube, so come say hi over there, it'd make me feel great about myself and we could be friends. See ya!