AD. This post is sponsored by Local Heroes. All opinions are my own.

I know I'm not the only one who gets excited as the temperature starts to fall and the pumpkin spice lattes come out. Some of the best parts of autumn happen outside, like finding a crunchy leaf to step on and pumpkin picking, but with us all spending a lot more time indoors this year, there's no better time to bring autumn, well, indoors. 

There's two sides to making your home as cosy as possible for the autumn; the pretty and the practical. Candles and pumpkin spice and all things nice are great, but nothing kills the cosy autumn vibe like a broken boiler. Local Heroes live up to the name though, and not only can save the day when disaster happens, but they can help you stay on top of things with their handy boiler advice. Some of their tips include how to bleed your radiators (I'm genuinely clueless when it comes to stuff like this, so their step-by-step process is so helpful) and how to check the pressure of your boiler. Apparently if your boiler's been out of action for a while, the pressure should be around 1 - 1.5 bar... don't ask me! Who knew it could be a sign that something's wrong when your heating takes ages to kick in? Or that you have to check the pressure of your boiler before you switch it on for the season? Clearly I don't have a clue.

Once you've prepped your boiler ready for the big switch on, here's 5 ways to get your home ready for autumn.

orange cupboard with soft light midcentury lamp styled with guitar amp and knick knacks

1. soften your lighting to amp up the cosy vibes

We have spotlights in our kitchen / living space and of an evening it just felt way too bright to relax, so we brought in a lamp from our bedroom and you would not believe the difference it made. The room is instantly 10 times cosier, and I absolutely love it. We have a warmer lightbulb too, which helps to soften the light and keep the space feeling like a little snug.

2. light some autumn candles

Sure, this might be an obvious one because autumn is officially candle season, but it has to be mentioned. Nothing beats closing the laptop after a day working from home, getting on the couch with a book and lighting your latest candle. I've shared some of my faves on my interiors Instagram @illjustgohome if you need recommendations.

dried autumnal flower arrangement in cosy living room

3. switch up your stems for autumnal decor

We all love a bunch of flowers, but a great way to instantly make your home feel cosier is to switch up your stems. Why not try some dried flowers? Earthy pieces like cotton and grasses are ideal for updating your entry way or coffee table for the new season. 

4. add texture and cosiness with blankets, cushions and wall hangings

Nothing says cosy like a good blanket and heaps of cushions, right? Now's a great excuse to update any soft furnishings from your spring/summer colour scheme and opt for something a little more touchy feely. Think velvet, shearling, corduroy and yarn - knitted or punched. They look great, but they're oddly calming to stroke, too. 

cosy autumn living room with cup of tea, book and a candle

*PR: coaster is my own brand, match dish a sample from Sostrene Greene.

5. hygge it up for the ultimate cosy space

Hygge is the ultimate home goal, I'm sure we can all agree, but it's not always as easy as Instagram can make it out to be, so make yourself a hygge moment. Cosy autumn evenings where you're forced to stay indoors are a great excuse for taking some time to yourself and relax in a calming space. Whether hygge means to you reading a book, drinking some tea or trying your latest crafting hobby sitting in your favourite chair, make it a real moment, and dedicate space to it. Restyle your coffee table around your current read, treat yourself to a new mug and style it on the shelf, or incorporate your hobby into your interiors, there are so many ways to make your home more hygge this autumn.

So once you've lit your candles and your cosy vibes are accomplished, remember to prep your boilers, so you're not relying on those candles for warmth! 

Good vibes guys ✌🏼