Loving Liverpool is something that comes easy to me, but living in the heart of the city has been a very strange experience these past few months. As the UK went into lockdown, the city emptied, and seeing the usually bustling streets deserted made me more emotional than I thought it would. I was itching for the tourists to come back, the bars to be open and to have everyone over to our new home, but of course it wasn't quite that simple. As things started to ease up, I became more anxious, and I won't lie, I had mixed feelings about everyone descending back into the city centre, our home that still felt like it needed protecting, but as time has gone on, we've fell in love with it all over again - not just the city, but the people, both locals and tourists alike. 

*This post includes PR experiences and meals provided by Visit Liverpool. All opinions are my own.

When Visit Liverpool invited us to be tourists in our own city for the day, as part of the 'Love your Liverpool' campaign, we thought it was about time that we got back out there with a Liverpool staycation of our own. Safely, of course. 

Liverpool based blogger stands in front of Liverbuilding along Liverpool waterfront

Ever since it opened, a trip to RLB360 (a 360 view tower tour of Liverpool's iconic Liverbuilding) has been on my bucket list. The Liverbuilding will always represent home, and there's something so comforting about the two Liverbirds, Bella and Bertie, looking over us. When I was younger, I was told Bella would look out to sea (waiting for a sailor, oh aye) and Bertie would look over the city, protecting us all, and keeping an eye on the pubs, and if the two were to fly away, the city would cease to exist. So when this was mentioned on the tour, that felt pretty special. And do you know what? I believe it. 

view of Liverbird and Liverpool skyline from RLB360 Liverbuilding tower tour review

During the RLB360 tour, you learn about the building's interesting history, as well as the story behind the iconic Liverbirds. There's actually a pretty sad story linked to their creator, but I'll leave that for you to find out. You get up to the 10th floor - which is higher than it sounds - and you're right underneath the giant clock faces. Fun fact, they're bigger than those on Big Ben. Then it's up a few more stairs, all while easily keeping a social distance, for a show behind the clock faces. I won't give too much away here, but I cried during this bit. I wasn't expecting to get so emotional, but it really does make you realise how much this city has been through and how far we've come. Whether you're a local or a first timer, this is guaranteed to pull at the heartstrings a little.

The final stop on the tour is the top of the building, where you get a 360 view of our gorgeous skyline. From here you can see both of our cathedrals, radio city tower, Anfield stadium, the Albert dock, and we even got to see Boaty McBoatface! Yes, that will always be its name. It's a great spot for Instagram, that's for sure. It also felt completely safe, with staff taking measures seriously and masks mandatory on the indoor parts of the tour. I even recommended the attraction to my mum and dad, who I've been worried sick about during the outbreak, so take that as a vote of confidence. 

Liverpool blogger on north west staycation drinking cocktails in outdoor seating area Liverpool

Just over an hour after the tour started, we then wandered up to Castle Street, which lately feels like it could be anywhere in continental Europe. Italy, Spain, France, take your pick. All the outdoor seating and great choice of bars and restaurants, plus the fact it's pedestrianised now, makes this part of town feel even more special than before. As we sat outside Rudy's, sipping on our aperol spritz and eating some incredible pizza, I really did feel like I was on my holidays, even if we were only ten minutes from our flat. 

Can we keep the outdoor seating thing year round? Pretty please? The idea of getting cosy with a cup of coffee and a nice warm jumper sitting outside watching the world goes by sounds ideal to be honest. And if you can't settle on somewhere along Castle Street, foodie-central Bold Street is car-free now too.

Liverpool staycation food and restaurant recommendation Rudy's pizza Castle Street

If you want to ease yourself back into the city you love, or you fancy coming to Liverpool for a staycation of your own, make sure to see the Visit Liverpool website for a handy list of what attractions are open - like Anfield stadium tours, Ghetto golf and all of our amazing museums - as well as an outdoor itinerary if you prefer to stick to outdoor spaces. For foodie recommendations, definitely give @eatlvpl a follow, and of course you can see more posts in the Liverpool section of my website.

Loving Liverpool isn't just about the attractions and the restaurants and the Beatles, it's about loving those who call it home, whether that be all their lives, three years of uni or just for a weekend. Look after each other, be safe, follow the rules, and have fun.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼