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When me and Jordan booked flights to Amsterdam for our first holiday together (we are from Liverpool after all, it's like a rite of passage), we kind of forgot to look up accommodation prices... and then realised that accommodation in Amsterdam can be damn expensive, even on a random weekend in early November. But, after much Airbnb vs hotel comparison, we stumbled across our hotel. Or should I say, not hotel.

I'm one of those people who searches hard to find a cool and, let's face it, instagrammable, place to stay that also isn't ridiculously expensive, and sometimes that's an easier task than others, but Hotel Not Hotel in Amsterdam is one of my biggest successes to date. Is it a hotel? Is it a hostel? I'm still not quite sure, but it definitely was cool.

About a 20 minute walk away from Rijksmuseum, Hotel Not Hotel has two entrances, one a typical hotel entrance, disguised under an apartment block, and the other entrance takes you straight into the brilliantly named Kevin Bacon restaurant. He pops up a lot in the handy Amsterdam guides the hotel give you, and during our three night stay, we still didn't figure out why exactly, but let's just go with it. Nothing in this place is as you'd expect - I mean the bar/restaurant is called Kevin Bacon for Christ's sake - the restaurant serves Thai food only, but you can get breakfast. We never got to try it, but if the food's as good as the interiors, you're in for a treat.

I got up early one morning and roamed around to take some photos of the hotel while Jordan had a lie in. Normally I'd be worried about looking like a creep, but I think everyone got it. Every corner of this hotel (sorry, not hotel) is a hidden gem. No, literally, some of the rooms are hidden behind bookcases. Apparently there are 20 rooms in Hotel Not Hotel, but you would never guess it. And each and every room is a work of art. You can stay in one of the skyscraper rooms like we did, or the little casa up the stairs. You could stay in the VW campervan outside the hidden bookcase rooms or an old converted tram cart behind reception. (If this is a honeymoon you're planning on, maybe steer clear of the VW or tram cart...but honestly I'd be hyped to stay in any one of them for the 'gram).

Some rooms have their own private bathrooms, but if you want to save a few euros, which may be necessary when booking accommodation in Amsterdam, you could book a room without and share the bathrooms downstairs. See? Hotel Not Hotel, it's starting to make sense now. I've stayed in a fair few hostels by now, and these were by far the cleanest toilets and showers I've come across, so please don't let that put you off. And no, they're not communal, and no, we never had to queue.

If the quirky hotel interiors and affordable-for-Amsterdam-prices weren't enough, the staff at Hotel Not Hotel are lovely! We were always made to feel welcome and even before arriving, our room requests were dealt with like chatting to a mate rather than a random stranger who handles your card details. Granted, we didn't always find the locals the ~most~ welcoming when accidentally getting in the way of a ridiculous number of bikes, which I suppose is fair enough, but we felt completely safe in the neighbourhood. On our first night, we took a stroll and found a spaghetti restaurant, the aptly named Spaghetteria, recommended to us by the hotel staff, which I still think about on a weekly basis. Freshly baked bread included. Oh my.

If you fancy seeing more of what we got up to, I made an IGTV on it! Just find @allie_davies on Instagram and let's reminisce that trip together. And if you fancy staying in Hotel Not Hotel yourself, take a look on Travel Supermarket for a deal!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼