As soon as I told people I was going to Copenhagen I was met first with a smile and "omg, amazing!" and then with a grimace along with a comment on how damn expensive Copenhagen is. I'd heard this before of course, and booked my 5 day trip anyway, with a confidence deep down inside that I could do Copenhagen on a budget. I'm back now, and granted, it wasn't as cheap as my trip to Gdansk, but I think I did pretty well! So, based on my spends, here's how much money I think you need for a trip to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen skyline; how much money do I need to take to Copenhagen?

Is Copenhagen expensive?

Copenhagen is one of the most expensive cities I've been to, sure, but it doesn't have to make you bankrupt. I'd say it's in line with New York prices outside of tourist traps, but on average, accommodation is a bit cheaper. There's trendy coffee shops, expensive cocktails and good old Netto, so it's up to you how expensive you make it. Remember Netto? Who else used to get picked on in school for doing your weekly shop there.. Anyway, there's a few supermarkets around the Tesco price mark too, like Rema and Irma (who do great hummus, by the way). Basically, just be sensible, and maybe go easy on the cocktails.

How much spending money do I need each day?

When doing my research into daily spends in Copenhagen, I worked out I'd need about £80 spending money a day, but I'm always a bit of a savvy spender when I go travelling, so I knew this was the top end of my budget. While I was there, I made notes of my spends each day and here's what I spent each day in Copenhagen:

pink colourful cinema in Copenhagen

Monday 182dkr / £17.11
Train from airport to Central station 39dkr
McDonalds veggie burger, chips and drink (don't judge me, I was really hungry) 64dkr
Snacks and drink from Irma 79dkr

bikes against graffiti wall in Christiania, Copenhagen

Tuesday 250dkr / £23.51

Coffee and croissant from hostel 45dkr
Ticket to palace ruins 50dkr
Orange juice 35dkr
Hair accessory 40dkr
Hummus and pita 55dkr
Fanta lemon 25dkr

Travel blogger posing against Gefion fountain, Copenhagen, on a sunny day

Wednesday 460dkr / £43.26

Coffee and pain au chocolat 53dkr
Cinnamon bun 26dkr
Orange juice 75dkr (I didn't check the price before ordering...)
Tour (tour guide trip) 100dkr
Pizza and beer 150dkr
Snacks 56dkr

iced latte and cinnamon pastry on table on jaegersborgge street Copenhagen with bikes lined up in background

Thursday 769dkr / £72.31

Porridge 65dkr
Coffee and pastry 77dkr
Sweets 20dkr
Wool (for the hippy rose) 78dkr
Round tower entry 25dkr
Tivoli ticket 130dkr
Necklace 150dkr
Pasta and bottled water in Tivoli 170dkr
Ice cream in Tivoli 54dkr

colourful houses taken from street corner in Copenhagen

Friday 445dkr / £41.85

Pastries 47dkr
Coffee 30dkr
Souvenirs 79dkr
Train to airport 39dkr
More souvenirs and snacks 250dkr

How much money do I need to take to Copenhagen?

So, based on my estimates of £80 a day, off I went to Denmark with £400 worth of Kroner in my pocket. Bear in mind, I was staying in a hostel very central, within walking distance to the train station and most tourist attractions, so I wouldn't be spending as much as somebody else staying further out or someone who may not be able to walk as far.

But, my total spends for Copenhagen were just 2106dkr, or £198.04, which means (drumroll please), I spent an average of £40 a day, half of what my research told me I'd need in Copenhagen!

Everyone is different, and of course exchange rates have a lot to do with it, but this just goes to show that you don't need to spend a fortune going to Copenhagen. I didn't feel as if I missed out, or was scrimping and saving during my trip, I was just sensible and kept track of my spends. If you're interested in how to save money while travelling, I'll be publishing a post really soon.

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Good vibes guys ✌🏼