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It may already be December, but there's still shopping to do! As Christmas approaches even faster, it can be tempting to run to Topshop or John Lewis and get all your gifts from there, but if you can, I think it's a great idea to support small businesses this Christmas. Since my mum opened her own Etsy shop a few years ago, I've realised just how much it means to small business owners whenever anyone buys anything, even if it's just for a couple of quid. So after the success of last year's shop small Christmas gift guide, here is the small business Christmas gift guide for 2018 - AND everything is £25 or under. This post features a few things I have bought for myself, some things I've recently been given and one or two things I may have bought for other people...

flat lay of gifts from small businesses

Those round handle, 70s style bags? My mum makes those. I know, boss aren't they? You can get your cord bag or shearling bag from her Etsy shop for just £18 each. You might recognise these because I style them on my Instagram all. the. time. 

If you love cord and you love borg / faux shearling, the chances are you love a bit of velvet too, like me. I recently picked up this printed velvet cushion from a local business called Violet Campbell who were so sweet, and have enough cheese plant printed goods to please all you Instagram plant moms.

floral print sleep mask, colourful print reading "chase your dreams", cream rose wax melts and pink and red print statement earrings

Self care stan? Secret santa? Someone who needs to chill tf out? A handmade sleep mask is the answer. My mum makes these too and you can get them from her amazing Etsy shop

Jazz Stan is one of my favourite artists ever, and she knows this. This little motivational print is the third by Jazz in my collection, which has even grown since... Get hand drawn illustrations, cityscape prints, custom pieces and Christmas cards from Jazz Stan Art on Etsy.

Recently, I finally got my hands on the candle brand I see all over Instagram. These Owen Drew wax melts* smell delicious and you can get a pack of six for £10.

Something else you might have seen pop up on Instagram, these handmade earrings from Sara and Loom. I love these babies, and have hardly stopped wearing them since I ordered them. She has loads of cool designs in her Etsy shop, so go support an art student! 

rust crochet market bag, black velvet hairband, cream rose wax melts and black and white print hoop earrings from small businesses

Yep, another gift handmade by my very own mum, but you've got to support your own mum, right? And I know I'm biased, but I really do mean it when I say these crochet bags are the best. They constantly get 5 stars from customers and have even been said to hold a watermelon.. stylish, strong and good for the planet! (And available in various colours on The Hippy Rose on Etsy).

If you follow me on Twitter you might remember this handmade hairband brand from a recent thread - I treated myself to maybe the most popular hair accessory of 2019, and for a bargain price, too. Go see Design by Hummingbird for more hairbands, both subtle and sparkly. 

Earrings make great stocking fillers, so in this Christmas gift guide, we've got two pairs. These are from Manchester-based Nordic Muse, who also stock some lovely homeware, so definitely go take a peek and maybe treat yourself, too.

turncoat gin gift set, hollywood print, shop small Christmas

Gin. It's one of the most popular drinks here in the UK and is bound to go down well this Christmas, but instead of running to the Asda and getting a bottle of Gordon's, why not support a small business like Turncoat, who sell these great gift sets for £25.

And last but not least in 2018's small business Christmas gift guide, we have another print from Jazz Stan. With so much to choose from, is it any wonder I got myself a travel inspired print too?

Whilst I might not have gifts to show you from these small businesses, I just had to mention them in my Christmas gift guide, because I know you're going to love them. Happy shopping small!

Space Oddity Gifts - 70s style lyrical posters from the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Blossoms, the Beatles and more. I'll take all of them, thanks.

Sew Into You - hand embroidered tees, some with sign language. Amazing!

The Bam and Boo - one of the more practical gifts on this list, but these bamboo toothbrushes will make any eco warrior happy, and you can even get them on subscription.

Honey Blossom UK - crystal jewellery is a classic Christmas gift, especially as crystals are becoming more and more popular this year. Go support a small business and look cute at the same time.

Norma Dorothy - in particular, this bee design personalised notebook, because personalised stationary is a perfect present for pretty much anyone in your life.

And that's a wrap! Haha, get it? That's all the gifts that are under £25 for my small business Christmas gift guide 2018. With prices from as little as £5, there's no excuse not to shop small this year! Please have a peek and maybe pass on the links if you know someone else wishing to support small businesses this Christmas. And do let me know if you get anything!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼