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This post has been a while in the making, and I'm not sure it will ever really be complete, but here goes anyway. I first got the travel bug in 2015, on my first independent trip overseas, to Berlin with my bestie, Beth. Since then, my love for travel has only grown stronger as I've began travel blogging, and my travel bucket list has grown longer and longer. I thought it was about time I get it all down in writing, and then one day, I can go through the list and tick them all off. Without further ado, let's dive in, shall we?

Europe illustration with collosieum, bike, lofted islands, beach huts and Eiffel Tower

Stockholm, Sweden - Stockholm has been on my bucket list for a long, long time. Fascinated by scandi style and admittedly a little jealous of how cool Swedes are, it's somewhere I know I'll be inspired by.

Lofoten Islands, Norway - I've always thought of Norway as a beautiful country, but it's only when I started working with Erasmus+ I was made aware of the Lofoten Islands. Words can't even describe how beautiful this place looks.

Munich, Germany - Of course, after visiting Berlin I became a big fan of Germany, and I've heard good things about Munich, so it's on the list.

Paris, France - A cliche, but I've never been. It's not high up my list, but one day I'll be sure to go.

Barcelona, Spain - A common spot for Brits to go on holiday, but the architecture looks great and I hear there's a lot of skaters there...

Lisbon, Portugal - From what I've seen, this place is beautiful. I just want to wander around those pretty streets and take lots of pictures.

Copenhagen, Denmark - Another oldie on the list. The bright buildings, the scandi style, it all just seems so damn cool.

Gothenburg, Sweden - I remember reading about Gothernburg a few years ago, and decided to add it to my growing Scandinavia list.

Edinburgh, Scotland - Now, I've actually been to Edinburgh, but it was so, so long ago I can barely remember it. Everyone who goes loves it, and I'd love to go back as Scotland was such a big part of my childhood.

Brighton, England - In general, I'm not a massive fan of England (aside from Liverpool, but that's a whole other blog post) but Brighton looks like fun, and very Instagrammable, too.

Dublin, Ireland - Even though it's only over the water, I've never been. I'd love to experience Ireland, it's a country I want to learn more about, for sure.

Prague, Czech Slovakia - Another major European city I still haven't been to!

Reykjavik, Iceland - This place looks beautiful, and with so much natural beauty nearby, it's the perfect place for a week away.

Krakow, Poland - I visited Poland in early 2018 and all it's made me do is want to go back and see more. Plus, Auschwitz is not too far away, which is certainly something I want to see for myself.

Warsaw, Poland - Again, I really like Poland, and I've heard good things about Warsaw.

Rome, Italy - When I first went to Italy, I went to Milan, thinking it would be a bit cooler than Rome, but it's left me wanting to go and experience a different side to Italy, no matter how touristy that may be.

Florence, Italy - Supposedly the most beautiful city in Italy, with so much art to see I just have to go.

Zurich, Switzerland - I landed in Zurich once on a layover, and from what I saw out of that plane window, it's a stunning place I want to explore, you know, outside of the airport.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Because what scouser doesn't go to Amsterdam?

Dubrovnik, Croatia - A place that only came on my radar recently. This place looks amazing.

Athens, Greece - I went to Greece a fair bit as a kid, but only the islands, never the mainland. With such an interesting history and such beautiful weather, why not?

Istanbul, Turkey - Istanbul is the gateway between Europe and Asia, making this maybe one of the most interesting places on the planet, if you ask me.

Valletta, Malta - My good friend Ash lived in Malta one summer and had a ball, so now I want to go. I've heard a lot about the city's capital, known as the silent city.

Budapest, Hungary - Not only to see the architecture and eat some new foods, but so I could sing George Ezra an awful lot.

asia illustration with Kyoto temple arch, monkey, Burj khalifa, dragon boat and Maldives huts

Seoul, South Korea - I have a bit of a thing for Far East Asia, and Seoul is another city I have to visit.

Kyoto, Japan - I missed the chance to visit the traditional Japanese city of Kyoto on my first visit to Japan, but I'll make sure to go back to experience a whole other side of Japan compared to Tokyo.

Bali, Indonesia - Yes everyone goes, but with all those vegan cafes, beautiful beaches and rainforests, who wouldn't?

Dubai, UAE - My friend Ste spent a week here and told me how amazing it was, and now I quite fancy it. That mall though...

Beijing, China - Although I struggle massively with the food in China, (see my Shanghai post), I would be interested to learn more about China's history and see the Great Wall for myself.

Arugam Bay, Sri Lanka - I adore Sri Lanka, and definitely need to spend more time on it's stunning beaches, which I've blogged about before.

Galle, Sri Lanka - I have relatives from Galle, and it's a place I never had time to visit on my first trip to this gorgeous country, so I must visit next time I go.

Hong Kong - Again, I really like the Far East, and I've heard great things about Hong Kong!

Singapore - People who have been tell me I would like Singapore a lot, plus apparently it's much easier to find western food, so count me in.

Mumbai, India - Indian food. Need I say more?

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - I don't know too much about Malaysia, but KL would certainly be an interesting place to visit.

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam - In my job, I've heard great things about Ho Chi Minh, and I'd like to experience this city for myself one day.

Bangkok, Thailand - Thailand has never been that high up my bucket list because it's quite overdone, but I feel like Bangkok would be pretty interesting, at least for a few days.

Phuket, Thailand - The scenery here looks absolutely stunning, so it's on the list!

The Maldives - I mean, come on...

North America illustration with Yosemite waterfall, Toronto tower, Tulum ruins, cars in Cuba and the Whitehouse

New Orleans, Louisiana
- A historical, musical, beautiful city. Sounds a bit like Liverpool, only warmer, no?

Austin, Texas - The cool city of the south, that sounds good enough to me!

Tulum, Mexico - The ancient ruins and beautiful beaches sell this place to me no problem.

Mexico City, Mexico - A massive, densely populated city with great food would certainly make for an interesting trip.

Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica - Supposedly one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Antigua, Guatemala - This place only really appeared on my bucket list after Aisling went travelling there and kept saying how good it is. As of right now, I don't know too much about Antigua, but I want to learn more.

Charleston, South Carolina - Pretty buildings is pretty much all I know about Charleston, but for some reason it's always been a place I've thought about visiting one day.

Washington DC, USA - So close, but so far. I was supposed to visit DC on our great USA road trip, but we ended up having to skip it, so I'd like to eventually visit.

Seattle, USA - Starbucks, grunge and the fact it's in the USA is more than enough for me.

Portland, USA - Hipster heaven, duh.

Yosemite, USA - Again, in our original plan, we were meant to stay in Yosemite National Park on our first USA road trip, but we had to skip it. This place looks phenomenal.

Yellowstone, USA - Another incredibly beautiful National Park I'd love to see with my own eyes.

Havana, Cuba - The architecture, the cars, the dancing.. It all seems wonderful.

St Martin - This one is on here because of my mum. My mum used to work on cruise ships that sailed the Caribbean, and she said this is the most beautiful place she has ever, ever seen.

St Lucia - I remember learning about this island in year 4. I'm not quite sure why, but I've always thought it'd be quite nice to visit ever since then.

Barbados - It's just one of those places you always hear about, with it's beautiful weather and beautiful people. Why not?

Miami, USA - Purely so I can sing Will Smith and take cool pictures.

Nashville, USA - I'm fascinated with USA culture, and this place is a pretty big deal in the US music scene.

Philadelphia, USA - Philadelphia plays a pretty big role in US history, and apparently it's got a good food scene, plus it's not too far from NYC, so it makes sense to go!

Boston, USA - Another place we had to skip on our first trip, but I'd love to visit during the fall.

Niagara Falls, USA - Because who doesn't have this on their bucket list, am I right?

Toronto, Canada - I don't actually know an awful lot about Canada, and if I did, I'd probably have a much longer bucket list, but I've heard Toronto is pretty cool.

Hawaii - I honestly can't decide where in Hawaii I want to go most, so why not tour them all one day?

South America illustration with colourful buildings in Buenos Aires, rio statue, parrot, coffee beans and machu pichu
Lima, Peru - Lima is another place that wasn't really on my radar until I started working in a field related to travel. The more I learn about it, the more I want to go.

Macchu Pichu, Peru - A true wonder of the world.

Sao Paulo, Brazil - I remember learning about Sao Paulo when I studied fashion, and struck up an interest in the place that's never really gone away.

Rio de Janiero, Brazil - Rio looks incredible, and is a big part of my travel bucket list.

Buenos Aires, Argentina - This colourful city has lots to see and do, so earns it's spot on my list.

oceania illustration with palm tree, coral reef and fish, surfboard and Melbourne street art

Melbourne, Australia - I know SO many people from Melbourne. I bumped into loads of cool people from here when I was travelling America, and of course Emma is originally from there, so I take their word for it that this city is the coolest in Australia.

Byron Bay, Australia - When Instagram first started I remember discovering Byron Bay and thinking it was so, so cool. I still think that now.

Fiji - Fiji is another place I can't quite narrow down to just one spot, so hopefully one day I'll be able to explore as much of it as possible.

Wellington, New Zealand - Honestly, I'm not too set on Wellington, just anywhere in New Zealand, but when doing a bit of research, it turns out Wellington has lots to do if you're after a cultural break in NZ.

Great Barrier Reef, Australia - Who doesn't have this place on their bucket list?

Bora Bora - One day me and my best mates are going to go here and have the BEST time.

africa illustration with zebra, giraffe, Marrakech tower and pyramids of Giza

Marrakech, Morocco - The colours, the food, the architecture, I want to experience it all.

Botswana - I've been told how beautiful Botswana is, and I need to go and see it for myself. I still haven't decided exactly where in Botswana I want to go yet though, any suggestions welcome!

Capetown, South Africa - I'm really interested in Capetown, from it's city life to it's stunning landscapes, and would love to visit.

The Serengeti, Tanzania - The wildlife, the scenery, singing Africa by Toto...

Cairo, Egypt - I think it's on everyone's bucket list to see the pyramids for themselves, isn't it?

Okay, PHEW, that's it. That's my travel bucket list - as of right now, anyway, we all know I'll be adding plenty more. I'd love some suggestions of places to go, especially in Africa, South America and Oceania if you have any. And if you'd like to do a similar blog post for yourself, why not tag me in it? Use #AlliesTravelTag and I'll be sure to retweet!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼