embroidered beret diy

I mentioned a while ago in my getting ready for party season blog post the idea of returning to my DIY blog post roots with a post on a customised beret. Well I stuck to my word, didn't I? Better yet, this is a bit of a DIY two-in-one, with embroidery if you're feeling brave enough (it helps if your stitching is neater than mine..) or a quick and simple pin job. This customised beret isn't exactly revolutionary, I know, but I just wanted to share what I'd done with it. Plus, the stars are kind of festive, so what better to do than share this on Christmas Eve?

how to embroider your beret hat by fashion blogger allie davies

If you're ready to try embroidery, all you'll need are a pair of scissors, a needle, some thread, and of course your beret. And a bit of patience. Believe it or not, I can sew, I just get impatient and a bit messy sometimes.. These stars might not be the neatest in the sky, but I love them none the less. I'm obsessed with everything star print lately, which explains my embroidery design of choice. You could do anything though, from a heart to a name or a quote. Get adventurous! The best part of embroidering on this woolen fabric is, if a stitch goes wrong, you can take it out again and you'd never be able to tell. 

fashion blogger beret

Or, if you fancy something a little more simple, how about a few pins? I have quite the collection and have a fair few pins on my denim jacket, but seeing as I don't wear it too often, I wanted another way to show off my pins. (I'm not funny, am I?). This gem pin is from one of my favourite ever independent sellers, Liz Harry. The city pin is from a long, long time ago in H&M and the David Bowie badge is a gift from my bestie Beth. I think the colours work quite well with this bluish/grey beret, don't they?

pins on beret

So, a bit of a short and sweet post from me today, but I hope you're all having a lovely weekend, no matter what you're doing or what you're celebrating. And if you are heading out over the festive season, keep an eye out for my new post coming next week which will feature a bit of party wear!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼