winter 2017 fashion trends report

Like most people, autumn/winter is my favourite season for fashion. Forget the shorts and t-shirts of summer. I'm all for layers, mixing textures, cosy knits and boots. I feel like in winter you have more opportunities to experiment with your style and quite frankly, the clothes are a lot nicer. I'm not always a massive follower of trends, but a lot of them can be fun to try, and if you like them enough, they can end up being an essential part of your everyday style. So today's post is all about my top picks of winter 2017 fashion trends.

There's a few affiliate links used in this post, so do us a favour and click so I get a few pennies (literally) and you get a fancy new seasonal wardrobe!

Chenille - Chenille wool has to be one of the biggest fabrics for winter 2017. We saw this creeping onto the high street last winter, but now it's everywhere, with chenille jumpers available left, right and centre. These are my top faves, especially that ASOS number which has been on my saved list for a while!

Red - It'll come as no surprise that red is the colour of winter 2017. Lucky for me, it's my favourite colour (as I mentioned in this post: Finding my favourite colours to wear). I have red dresses, red jackets, red tops and even red pants, but I'm still after a pair of red boots. They just scream sass, right? Can I have all three?

Seventies - As I mentioned in my last post, I'm a big fan of 70s style and all its elements. I'm talking shearling, corduroy, burnt oranges, the whole shebang. Quite honestly I could do an entire post on my favourite seventies inspired pieces from the high street, but I managed to narrow it down for you guys.

Eighties - The seventies aren't the only decade we'll be taking style inspiration from this season. Thanks to Stranger Things (well, mostly) the best, arguably, bits of eighties fashion are creeping back into our wardrobes. One of the most stylish examples are vamp heels, but if you want to go all out 80s prom queen, try puffball sleeves and ruffles, if you dare.

Vinyl - Okay, I know you don't need me to tell you that vinyl is everywhere right now, but I am loving it so much I had to round up my favourite vinyl pieces. If I was a millionaire, I'd get myself a vinyl trench or two, three pairs of vinyl pants (one black, one red and one lace up black pair) and maybe a vinyl beret for good measure. But that would be excessive...

Western - Think the Wild, Wild West and all it's classics: tassels, studding, snakeskin and stars. Henry Holland nailed the Western theme in his AW17 show (bonus points for the on-trend checkerboard print). But if you don't want to go out with your stetson and cowboy boots, take small elements of the trend and add them to your winter wardrobe with these picks.

Suits - Suits are where it's at this winter. Whether that be a classic grey checked two piece, a lavish velvet suit or something bright and beautiful. The high street is full of fun suit options this season, I'm after the perfect one for my MSc graduation... Better get cracking!

So which winter trend is your favourite? Let me know!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼