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If you asked me in 2014 (or any time between then and 2007, really) whether I'd ever wear jeans that weren't skinny, I would straight up laugh in your face. Pah. Non-skinny jeans, what are those? But now, the time has come. I've given in. Not just to a relaxed skinny or a skinny/mom hybrid like my beloved ASOS farleigh jeans, but a full on, straight up, straight down jean. I was mooching through Zara recently and even though I could barely afford them, these £30 jeans somehow ended up coming home with me.

I saw the zip detailing and straight away, I knew I had to try them on. And this was on a Saturday. Anyone who has ever been to the Liverpool One Zara store on a Saturday knows it can only be described in one word: hell. The queue is often out the door and you have to queue for at least half an hour just to get into the changing rooms that most of the time resemble a sauna. Well, my friends, little tip for you. The Liverpool branch has just got self-checkout in the changing rooms. Yep. No more double queuing, just try on your stuff, scan it, and pop it in the bag. I know this sounds too eager not to be sponsored (lol as if Zara would sponsor me) but I'm so excited about it I had to share. It might be the fashion promotion graduate in me.. Please tell me someone can relate?

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zip detailing on Zara jeans aw17

Granted these might not be the most flattering pair of jeans I've ever worn on this blog, but they're too cool for me to care. As comfy as a pair of jeans can be, they're pretty comfy. I could quite happily eat a whole bowl of mac'n'cheese in these and not have to unzip that massive zipper going down the leg. This detailing is so unique, I haven't seen much like it before, especially on the high street. So for £30, I couldn't really say no. Keep making jeans like this and I'll be staying away from skinny jeans for a pretty long time...

In terms of styling straight leg jeans, I found this pretty hard. Because they're not super flattering so to speak, I decided to switch up my usual silhouette of baggy on top and sort of fitted on the bottom. I opted for this old customised top for a day walking around town and my trusty vans. To jazz it up I threw on a statement choker, but next time I think I'll opt for some Pat Butcher-esque earrings. What do you think? How else could I style straight leg jeans?

Liverpool fashion blog tie dye eyes: how to wear straight leg jeans

choker ASOS (old) - top Primark & DIY - jacket Warehouse - bag Accessorize - jeans Zara - Vans - Eyes Pixi x It's Judy Time

Liverpool style blogger pixi itseyetime palette

One thing I know for sure I'll be wearing again is the Pixi & It's Judy Time 'ItsEyeTime' palette*. Oh boy. This palette became my favourite within 30 seconds of opening the parcel. It's filled with beautiful warm neutrals, a good mix of shimmers and mattes and the pigment is pretty impressive. For a day in town I opted for a soft orange toned look, but I can't wait to create a darker look with this palette. I'm obsessed! Make sure to see my previous Pixi skincare review and Pixi makeup review and expect to see another one soon because I'm seriously in love with this brand.

Have you strayed this far away from skinny jeans lately? And how would you style this pair? Leave me your ideas in the comments!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼

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