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liverpool fashion blogger with seventies style for fall 2017

It will come as no surprise that I'm quite the fan of seventies style. From the flares and platforms to the cord and colour palette, there's so many bits of seventies fashion I try to squeeze into my wardrobe. But it can be so easy to end up looking like an extra from That 70s Show.. Not that that's a bad thing, now I come to think of it, but it's always fun to try a fresh take on the trends. For the past few years, particularly as autumn approaches, 70s fashion has been huge. We've seen it with the lace up trend, the bell sleeves and the flare thing, and this season, cord and shearling are two textures fulfilling our sassy needs.

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Liverpool Street style wearing asos seventies fashion

To bring the 70s and the 2010s together, the key is to mix old textures and colour palettes with modern shapes. I saw this faux shearling trucker jacket in ASOS' new in section a while back and sent a cheeky email to mum with the subject line 'birthday'. Subtle, eh? Whilst it's been hanging up in my room for a while now, I showed restraint and gave it its first outing as I turned 23. (Trying not to sing what's my age again soooo bad). I've already thought of a dozen ways I can style this shearling jacket, from blue kickflare jeans to a cute sixties mini, but when these cord dungarees arrived at my door, I realised it was a match made in heaven.

liverpool fashion blogger seventies colour palette

seventies fashion with liverpool style blogger

jacket River Island - t-shirt Zara - jumpsuit ASOS - bag M&S - necklace - Brandy Melville - boots ASOS

To me, the seventies scream plums, creams, mustards and browns, with the odd burnt orange thrown in for good measure. This cream jacket with the plum dungarees and the mix of fluffy goodness and classic cord makes me feel like a sassy seventies babe and I'm here for it. I'm not usually a huge outfit repeater but this combo will definitely be making a reappearance. Maybe as the weather cools down I'll throw on a cosy turtleneck underneath or swap these boots for a pair of vans. How would you style these cord dungarees?

pixi makeup on liverpool beauty blogger

Speaking of warm tones, how nice is this eyeshadow?! I mentioned this Pixi palette in my recent outfit post where I styled straight leg jeans for the first time. I haven't shared it until now because I had to leave it at home when I went on my travels (in case you missed it, six weeks of USA snaps are on my Instagram). Is it sad that I genuinely missed this palette? I was so happy to try it out again once I got home, creating warm orange and purple looks for daytime. Now I just need an excuse to try a more evening appropriate look.

How are you bringing elements of seventies fashion into your wardrobe? Or is there another era you're loving in the style stakes? Let me know!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼

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