Liverpool blogger Pixi beauty makeup review

Pixi by Petra makeup review by Liverpool beauty blogger tie dye eyes

As you may have seen on my Instagram stories over the past few months, I am loving Pixi beauty right now. The first Pixi product I ever tried was their famous glow tonic, which I'll be reviewing alongside a few other Pixi skincare bits on the blog this weekend, but when the team at Pixi kindly sent over some of their summer essentials, my love affair for Pixi makeup was born. Seeing as I've had about two months worth of a trial period, I thought it was about time to leave you with a Pixi makeup review.

I was kindly given a fair few products to try, some of them I'd heard of, others which were new to me, and now some of them are even part of my daily makeup routine. Are you ready? There's the poreless beauty primer, the flawless and powerless primer, lip lift max gloss, makeup fixing mist, silky eye pen, quick fix powder and their multibalm. Phew!

Pixi by petra flawless and poreless primers

I first got my hands on the flawless and poreless primer during the British Style Collective blogger's event, and it took me a while to try, because if there's one thing I have trust issues with, it's a primer. But with all the lovely Liverpool bloggers raving about it on Instagram, I thought I'd give it a go. Whilst I was still wearing Nars sheer glow, I loved it. It worked just as well as Benefit's porefessional and kept my makeup on for hours, but I've recently switched my foundation to Kat Von D's lock it foundation and something just isn't sitting right. The makeup artist at Kat Von D did warn me any primers that aren't water based might not work well with lock it, and she was right. That's why I'm currently testing out the Pixi makeup fixing mist as a primer for under foundation, which is a handy little trick I learned during the Pixi beauty demonstration at the British Style Collective!

But lately, I've been having a lot of foundation-free days, and to brighten up my face I've been using the Pixi flawless beauty primer, which has a glow like no other. Like, when you wear this, everything you touch literally turns to gold. It's beautiful.  On your fingers, you look like a golden statue, but on your face, the glow is just the right amount for wearing under concealer or foundation to show through without you looking like that weird radiating snapchat filter. The flawless beauty primer (the one on the left) is definitely my favourite out of the two - I'm obsessed!

pixi make up review by UK beauty blogger tie dye eyes

Liverpool blogger pixi makeup review

I haven't even put a filter on this selfie, I've just brightened the background a bit. That's how good this makeup (and lighting) is. Here, I'm wearing the Pixi flawless primer, multibalm, silky eye pen, lip lift max gloss and makeup fixing spray. Other makeup includes Nyx brow kit, Urban Decay naked 3 palette, Smashbox full exposure mascara, Taste shape tape concealer, Kat Von D bow 'n' arrow liquid lipstick, Too Faced melted liquid lipstick in chocolate milkshake and Urban Decay naked illuminator.

The two things I was most excited about when opening this lovely gift from Pixi were without a doubt the makeup fixing spray and multibalm. The multibalm, I'm loving for it's dual use as both a blusher and a lipstick, which means it's perfect for my taking on my travels, but as a lipstick it's not my favourite. Obviously the formula isn't perfect, because it's not specifically designed to be a lipstick, but it doesn't seem to last too long on the lips. On the cheeks though, the colour is amazing! I got the shade baby petal, which is a great pinky-nude which should suit most skin tones. There's also some rich shades which would look beautiful on darker skin. I've never used anything with this kind of packaging before, so we'll see how long it lasts, but so far it's a strong contender for my USA makeup bag. I'll be doing a post on that soon so make sure you're following me on Bloglovin'!

You know me, I love a good setting spray. I've been a die-hard all nighter fan and moved on to Nyx's dewy setting spray, and I was hoping this could be my next love. I love the formula, it's enriched with  rose water and green tea making it feel really refreshing. You can actually apply the Pixi makeup fixing spray before or after your makeup and even during the day for a little refresh, but as I said before, I prefer using this before makeup, right after my moisturiser. Although I love the formula, the spray feels quite condensed to me, meaning it's more of a wet spray than a mist like some others. I've tried this a good few times and it hasn't spoiled my makeup, but I'd definitely be swearing by this if the spray was lighter. A solid 8/10 from me!

On the other hand, I was sceptical of the Pixi liplift lipgloss. It's designed to plump up your lips, so is a bit of a Soap and Glory motherpucker throwback, but smells even better and has a subtle, frosted pink colour, but not to early 2000s level, don't worry. Despite not wearing lipgloss for about 5 years, I liked this a lot better than I thought I would. The gloss wasn't sticky, and yes, I did go outside on a windy day, but I can't say for certain if my lips looked bigger or not. I mean, don't put this on and expect to look like Kylie Jenner, but you can expect to feel extra, which is never a bad thing.

pixi makeup review by liverpool blogger

Another bit of Pixi makeup I was really excited to receive was their endless silky eye pen. I've been after a decent black pencil for a while now (yeah it's called a pen but it's more of a pencil, although way softer, like, softer than a freshly washed pug), and this has answered all of my eyeliner related prayers. I'm still obsessed with Kat Von D's tattoo liner, but you don't always feel like a cat eye, right? That's why I'm loving this Pixi eyeliner for a soft, kind of grungy look. If there was one Pixi makeup item I'd suggest to literally anyone, it'd be this.

And finally, it's time to review the Pixi quick fix powder in 'translucid'. You might know, me and powder don't really get along. I have pretty dry skin and generally, powder just doesn't work well on my face. That's why I was a bit scared to try this, but, commitment to the blog and everything, I gave it a go. The packaging is pretty cool, with a mirror on top and cushion inside. You can dab the powder through the cushion, which means things don't get messy. I feel like this powder would be perfect for baking, but my makeup level is definitely not at that level yet. I'll just keep watching The Lipstick Lady's tutorials and keep practising. I have though, used this over the ginormous spot I had on my chin the other week. Concealer just wasn't enough, and I was afraid it was going to make an appearance throughout the day, so decided to set my concealer with the Pixi quick fix powder, and safe to say, the spot was hidden all day. Tough luck sucker, I've got my Pixi tool kit now.

And that's my review of all the Pixi makeup bits I've tried so far. I'm still pretty knew to makeup reviews, so hopefully they were of some use to you guys. If you're thinking of purchasing any of these let me know, and if there's anything else by Pixi you'll think I love, make sure to send your recommendations my way!

Good vibes guys ✌🏼