british style collective 2017 in liverpool

If you follow me or any of the beautiful Liverpool bloggers on Instagram, you'll be well aware that last weekend, the British Style Collective, better known as The Clothes Show, landed in Liverpool. Taking over the city with models and makeup, me and the best group of bloggers you could ever meet headed to the show to take a look at what the British Style Collective had on offer for us in 2017. Expect outfit snaps, pizza and lots and lots of blogger love for the Liverpool blogger community.

Liverpool fashion and beauty bloggers

Me - Erin from Bitchin' Blonde - Alex from The Lipstick Lady

I started my blog almost five years ago now, when there were thousands of people blogging (not "the elite twenty" 🌚) and only a handful of bloggers in Liverpool, that I knew of, anyway. Then, you might remember, I took a break from blogging during my final year of uni. I came back to blogging in May 2016 and was over the moon to realise a whole Liverpool blogging community had flourished, filled with people I had yet to meet. Last summer, I started easing my way into the community with the odd blogging event and signing up to the Liverpool bloggers newsletter. At the #LivHelps event last August, I met Erin. We spoke for a solid five hours and before you knew it I was arranging to meet her at the Sera Ulger x Topshop event the following week. That's where I met Abbie, and after that, I soon had a whole new bunch of friends that I have so much in common with. That's why blogging is without a doubt one of the best things I have ever done, because I have a wonderful group of friends I truly adore, and I couldn't be more thankful for each and every one of them. We see each other every now and again, usually a handful of us at a time at the odd event, but at British Style Collective, more of us than ever managed to get together for a whole weekend of fun that I'll never forget. I love you guys. And I also love this blackberry lemonade from Crust on Bold Street.

Crust bold street Liverpool blogger flat lay

Liverpool fashion blogger wearing missy empire at british style collective 2017 in liverpool

Thank you to Abbie from Blush and Noise for this snap! (She has amazing photo skills, check out her  Instagram tips). On the first day, Friday, I decided to wear this outfit I featured in my recent outfit post  'finding my favourite colours to wear', because it makes me feel sassy. As if I didn't already love this outfit enough, Megan Ellaby, the northern queen of style, said I looked lovely. So don't mind me if I wear this outfit at least once a week from now on. On the first day of British Style Collective 2017, I headed to a fair few panel talks at the beautiful St George's Hall in the city centre featuring some of my fave blogger babes, plus I got to see the Edeline Lee catwalk show featuring the best shoes of all time. I'm kinda annoyed I never got a snap of them, but they were beautiful. As was the entire collection. 

edeline lee catwalk show at british style collective 2017

There were other catwalk shows on offer that weekend, including the likes of Phillip Armstrong and Barrus, but Edeline Lee was without a doubt my favourite, and I was genuinely excited to see her collection on the lineup having created a whole digital campaign around a previous collection during my undergrad. But the most exciting part of the weekend? Seeing my good friend Abbie from Blush and Noise on a panel, talking about blogging and fashion, showing the world she's kicking ass. This happened on the Sunday, where me, Alex and Erin spent much of the morning mooching around the shopping halls in the ACC then snapping outfit pictures with Lucie from Lucie Rose Blog, which you'll see in some vlogs and my next outfit post. We had such a laugh doing this, then ran into St George's Hall to sit front row and cheer our gal on. Bloggers supporting bloggers and all that. Look at her being all fab. And then there's the fabulous Caryn Franklin sitting in the very same spot just a few moments later to close the show. Iconic.

fashion blogger blush and noise talking on blogging panel at bsc 2017caryn franklin and henry holland at british style collective 2017

Overall, I had a bloody wonderful weekend at British Style Collective, and I'm made up it's chosen Liverpool as the new home to The Clothes Show. It means a lot to our city, bringing tourists here for the weekend and giving us Liverpool bloggers an excuse to all get together and do what we do best. As the show returns to Liverpool next year from 13th-15th July, I can only hope it is more of a success. Having been to previous clothes shows in Birmingham, foot fall this year was lower than expected, especially in the ACC shopping halls, located near the beautiful Albert Dock. All of the panels I attended in St George's Hall, and even the odd catwalk, were full to the brim, a happy sight to see, but it's a shame the shopping halls didn't get as much attention, with both big and small brands on offer. Maybe this was because the show was spread across several venues as opposed to one big arena, paired with a rebrand and being held in the summer as opposed to the winter as it usually is. All I know is, I had a ball, and I hope to be here for the British Style Collective 2018, where more of us Liverpool bloggers will be smashing it, and having a good giggle in the process.

Liverpool fashion blogger review of british style collective 2017

Thank you to Erin for this snap! You'll see the rest in my next blog post, so please make sure you're following my Liverpool fashion blog on Bloglovin' to see it first. And, whilst you're at it, follow anybody else you find on the #LivBloggers hashtag, because they're all fab af.

Good vibes guys ✌🏼