Apart from a brief nine months in Manchester university halls, I've lived in Liverpool my whole life. In case you're not familiar, Liverpool is a city in north west England, famous for it's two football teams, incredible architecture, impressive music scene (hello, we gave you The Beatles) and the best people of all, scousers. It is all of these things and so much more which mean I adore Liverpool, each and every inch of it. 

Liverpool music circa waves gig liverpool guild 2017


It would be an absolute sin to write a list of reasons why I love living in Liverpool and not mention Liverpool's music scene. We're home to the biggest band in the world (debatable, but kind of probable?) who changed rock 'n' roll as we know it. Whilst life has changed an awful lot from the Beatlemania days of the sixties, every day without fail you'll hear the Beatles' catchy songs blasting out of a bar and sung by drunken groups on nights out. The weird thing is, you don't even get sick of it (well I don't, anyway). If you're a Beatle-mad tourist you'll know to head to Mathew Street and see the cavern, but there's much more to Liverpool music than the fab four.

Liverpool is home to hundreds of bands, some old, some new, and we're proud of each and every one of them. Personal favourites include the Wombats and Circa Waves, who's homecoming gigs are unlike anything else. There's nothing quite like hearing Murph yell "I'm back in Liverpool and everything seems the same" and actually be in Liverpool surrounded by excited scousers. Of course we're all for welcoming out of towners too, with too many festivals to even count being held in the city every year. There's LIMF, Sound City (who have a great lineup this year..) and Smithdown Road festival to name a few. It feels like throughout the summer there's a festival of some sort happening every single weekend, which leaves no room for boredom and no excuses for not knowing the latest bands.


Ask anyone from Liverpool what their favourite thing about living in Liverpool is, and nine times out of ten they'll say the people. I know I may be biased, but it's true, scousers are amongst the best people in the entire world. We're passionate, for a start. You're either a red or a blue, never in between. You're always proud of where you come from, no matter how much the press may like to slate us.. Speaking of which, if you catch someone reading the s*n (very very unlikely, but still), you have no qualms about telling them exactly where to stick it. You take no bull, and kiss no tories. We're nice, but we're not soft. In fact, Liverpool was voted the kindest city in the UK, which you'll understand if you ever pay a visit. It's a common occurrence to get loads of smiles from strangers, maybe even a compliment or two and chat to at least 5 random people on any afternoon.

root coffee liverpool city centre


Over the past few years, Liverpool has blossomed into a bit of a foodie's paradise. With pop-up restaurants, street food stalls, pudding clubs and packed independents, you'll never be short of choices of where to eat in Liverpool. Bold Street is a good place to start (expect a post dedicated to the best street in Liverpool coming soon), with cuisines from every corner of the world. Whether you're after Indian, Vietnamese, Lebanese, Peruvian, Japanese, Italian or the best scouse in Liverpool, you'll find somewhere to eat on Bold Street. Personal favourites include Mowgli and The Italian Club, but pop into Artisane if you're after a delicious and totally Instagram-worthy pastry.

If you're a coffee fiend like me, you'll be pleased to know there's no shortage of great coffee in Liverpool, either. My top three coffee shops in Liverpool are Root Coffee, just on the edge of Liverpool one, 92 Degrees in the beautiful Georgian Quarter and Bold Street Coffee. But if you're more of a tea person, Leaf on Bold Street should definitely be on your list of places to visit in Liverpool. There's so many types of tea to drink you could spend about 20 minutes looking at the menu. To find more places to eat and drink in Liverpool, check out Independent Liverpool, who give a comprehensive guide to independent restaurants, bars and shops in the best city ever. There's so many, it might take you years to get through them all. Hell, I'm still working my way through.


Speaking of bars, did you know Liverpool was voted the third best city IN THE WORLD for nightlife? Yep, come to Liverpool and expect one of the best nights of your life. Whether you're into classy af cocktails, rock bars where you can dance on the tables or a, let's say, unique, game of bingo complete with 90s guest stars, glow sticks and a lot of cider, you'll find something you like in Liverpool. On a night out in Liverpool, not only are you guaranteed to have a good time with great music, the chances are you'll make some friends for life. Whether it's someone in the MOJO loos you duet to Stacy's Mom with or someone you competed against in a Bongo's Bingo dance off, that famous scouse warmth extends to all hours of the night.

the three graces liverpool pier head, liverpool architecture


As I mentioned in my post 'the best locations for Instagram in Liverpool', there are loads of different areas in Liverpool city centre alone that have completely different architecture. You've got the famous there graces on the Pier Head (possibly my favourite view of all time) with a long, rich history, the two cathedrals connected by Hope Street, the stunning and oh-so Instagrammable Georgian quarter and the Baltic Triangle. On the Liverpool skyline, you'll see a unique mix of old and new architecture like no other. To get the best shot, wander around the Albert Dock or even hop on a ferry across the Mersey to take it all in. It's not too shabby having all this on your doorstep when you're running low on Instagram content. Plus, Liverpool city centre isn't ridiculously big, so if you've got comfy shoes on, you can wander round it all in a day. Of course, if you want to make the most of all the other aspects I've mentioned, you may want to plan a little longer if you're visiting.

the bluecoat, art in liverpool


When discussing the arts in the north, the focus can often be on Manchester, but Liverpool is actually a really creative place to be. We have loads of galleries, with the Bluecoat, Open Eye, the Tate and the Walker just to name a few, plus loads of pop-up exhibitions found throughout the city's independents on a regular basis. Not only are there incredible artists dotted about the city, you'll find musicians on every corner, shows on every night and bloggers at every turn. If you're not familiar with Liverpool bloggers already, check us out. Linking back to the great people of Liverpool, whether you're born here or not, you're part of a community, where you'll always find love, support and a friendly face, whether that be a lifelong friend or someone you literally just met.

And that's why I love living in Liverpool. I could probably go on about this for hours and hours, but somehow managed to condense my love into this little(ish) post. If you live in Liverpool or have ever been, what's your favourite thing? Also if there's anything more you'd like to know about Liverpool, please leave suggestions for blog posts (or even videos?) in the comments below!

Good vibes guys