Liverpool blogger at Free State Kitchen, Liverpool

You guys know by now I'm all for sharing the best bits of Liverpool, and in my recent post where I talked about why I love living in Liverpool I mentioned Liverpool's huge independent scene. Well, the Colu app has launched in Liverpool, offering a Liverpool local pound, encouraging more people to spend their money in Liverpool's independent businesses, making it easier than ever to support them. Anything that helps support Liverpool and it's small businesses, I'm all for. So when the guys at Colu offered to top me up so I could try it out, I jumped at the chance, arranging a meal* for me and my friends, Beth, Becky and Betty, at Free State Kitchen.

Gif of using Colu app for the Liverpool local pound by Liverpool based blogger

Free State Kitchen serves all American food, I'm talking burgers, mac'n'cheese (my meal of choice) and they even have imported beers and grape soda. The girls had a cocktail whilst I chose to try a new beer - I'm trying to get back into it instead of reverting to gin all the time - and we chatted for a good half hour before we even decided what we wanted to eat. I was the only one not choosing a burger, although the veggie option sounded delicious, so I've decided I'm definitely going back to order it under the student lunch deal. It's £10 for a burger, side, fries and a drink, plus you can get it to take out. Seeing as this place is literally next door to the library, it seems like a no brainer, right? Anyway, the burgers were huge, I'm talking bigger than my head. Sticking to the American theme, I see. The mac'n'cheese was so creamy I haven't stopped thinking about it since and now I'm going to try and recreate it at home...We'll see how that goes.

Liverpool lifestyle blogger review of meal at Free State Kitchen, Liverpool

Sam Adams beer and Free State Kitchen menu

Seeing as we were already sitting there for hours, chatting away and sipping on our drinks, we decided to order dessert, and let me tell you, that brownie was up there with the best I've ever tasted. As our meal finally came to an end, I asked to pay using the Liverpool local pound, admittedly not having a clue how it worked. Turns out, all you do is select the place you're paying (there's a list of places in your community plus a handy map), type in the amount you want to pay and tap 'pay'. That's it. I was genuinely shocked at how easy it was. You know when people joke "Oh it's too easy shopping online, a couple of clicks and that's it!" Well, Colu is even easier. The server just checked on the system that the payment had gone through and that was it, off we went for a couple more cheeky drinks.

Brownie: food at Free State Kitchen, Liverpool

Liverpool local pound with Colu app: Liverpool blogger

Not only did we all agree that we'd be returning to Free State Kitchen for another burger, but all the girls were signing up to the Colu app to use the Liverpool local pound, too. There are loads of restaurants, coffee shops, bars and even gyms you can use the local pound at, with Sound, Muster Coffee and Unit 51 being next on my list. Download the Colu local digital wallet to take a look at the independent businesses you can support, with the local pound available worldwide, in Tel Aviv, Jaffa, Liverpool, East London and Haifa. Yep, you don't even have to be in Liverpool (although you totally should be). Better yet, when you sign up, the kind kids at Colu give you £5 to get you started, and whenever you top up, they'll add an extra 15% on top, so say for example you topped up with £10, you'd have £11.50 in your digital wallet, all to help independent businesses near you. It's really important to support independent businesses, as I'm sure you all know, not just to help people's dreams come true, whether that be to run a coffee shop or have their own florists, but 65p for every pound spent in a local business stays in that community, as opposed to just 35p if shopping with a chain. So, if you care about your community, download Colu (available on iOS and Android) to get your free £5 and get eating/shopping/drinking!

If you're interested in learning more about Liverpool's massive independent scene, make sure to follow me on Instagram where I'm always sharing snaps of my fave coffee shops and places to eat. Speaking of which, I ran a poll on Twitter about which Liverpool related post I should do next and the winner was a list of places to eat, so make sure to stay tuned for that!

Good vibes guys 

*This post was sponsored by Colu, who partly funded the meal. All views are my own, honest opinion.