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Zara checked ruffle top and denim dungarees

Liverpool fashion blogger, Zara checked ruffle top and denim dungarees

You know every once in a while when a piece of clothing comes into your life and you forget what you ever wore before getting said piece of clothing? Well this top does that to me. I had my eye on it a month or so ago, whilst supposedly Christmas shopping for others, but we talk more about that in my last post, and sent a little hint to Father Christmas on WhatsApp. He has it, don't you know? Well thankfully good old Santa took the hint and I found this beauty under my tree Christmas morning.

Liverpool fashion blogger, Zara checked ruffle top and denim dungarees and black converse

As soon as I saw it in Zara I thought "that's SO me". The muted colour palette, the hint of red, the checks, the ruffles, it's just so beautiful. Pretty much all I ever wear this time of year is jumpers and jeans and we all know that gets a little stale. No matter what accessories you throw on it's still a little, well, boring after a while. Saying that, I'm not wishing away the season. I much prefer winter dressing to summer dressing, there's more clothes involved for starters. The fabrics, the colours, the beauty of it all. However I'll definitely be rocking this top all year round, the swooshy sleeves would be great at a festival! And let's face it, no matter how sunny it looks, it's never really warm enough for that crochet bralette you optimistically bought in 2014, is it?

Zara checked ruffle top with flared sleeves and denim dungarees

Zara checked ruffle top and denim dungarees and black converse

You may have seen on my Instagram that I wore this top pretty much as soon as I could, pairing it with my beloved farleigh jeans (read about my obsession with them here) for Christmas dinner. Then as work came back around, I decided on this combo for a day in the office. Partly inspired by Alexa Chung, partly designed to disguise all the chocolate I've been eating the past few weeks.

Zara checked ruffle top and denim dungarees

top Zara - dungarees H&M (similar) - converse - choker River Island (part of a set)

I can't wait to pair this top with some other pieces from my wardrobe, maybe for a night out. It is my work's Christmas do tonight... In fact, it would go GREAT with this little number from Topshop. Anyone want to lend me some cash? For now, I'll be thinking of a way I can work it into a look with my fishnets, what do you think?

Good vibes guys 

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  1. such a gorgeous outfit, i love the tartan and ruffles combo!
    jen | velvet spring

  2. You look so beautiful Allie!

    Loving the ruffled top also


  3. That's such a cute top, I absolutely love it! x

  4. I love your style!

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  5. Obsessed with this look! The overalls paired with the ruffles is perfect!

    <3 Shannon
    Upbeat Soles

  6. Lovely photos! I love the whole outfit! The dungarees is super cute 😊


  7. love love love the overalls! x

  8. What a beautiful top!! The ruffles are really unusual but they look great with your dungies. Dungarees are a bit of a uniform for me around this time of year. They're fun but also comfy and warm - win win! xx