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ASOS farleigh jeans, gwen mid stonewash blue

You've seen my ripped jeans on here before, you've seen both pairs on Instagram and if you watched my November favourites video you'll have known this post was coming... I have a love affair with the ASOS farleigh jeans and I'm gonna damn well blog about it.

Like many of you reading, from the ages of 12-20 the only jeans I would wear had to be skinny. And when I say skinny jeans I mean cutting-of-your-circulation skin tight. My favourite pair out of the many I've owned throughout my teenage years were the River Island Lana jeans. Forever and ever, my favourite skinny jeans. But times have changed, my style has moved on, my waist has widened, I need some room to BREATHE.

ASOS farleigh jeans, washed black wash with busted knees

On a search for alternatives, I found the farleigh 'slim mom jeans' on my favourite site of them all, ASOS. Now I know many people are averse to mom jeans, you either like them or loathe them, but give these jeans the benefit of the doubt. I'd never actually describe them as mom jeans, they're halfway between that and classic high waist skinnies. Maybe what some brands would call 'girlfriend jeans' (don't get me started on this whole thing). The ASOS farleigh jeans are perfect. They have the perfect mix of looks and comfort, the look doesn't compromise the comfort and the comfort sure as hell doesn't compromise the look.

ASOS farleigh jeans, washed black wash with busted knees

ASOS farleigh jeans, washed black wash with busted knees, and old skool vans

I bought my first farleigh jeans in the washed black rinse with the busted knees maybe a year ago now. They're still keeping up pretty well considering I wear them at least twice a week. So last month I thought it was about time I bought a second pair. I mean, once you find the pair, you're set for life. You know?

ASOS farleigh jeans, gwen mid blue stonewash

I used to be anti blue jeans, I liked my black pair and that was it. But with the persuasive styling of Megan Ellaby I went for it. I bought my second pair of farleigh jeans in the Gwen mid stonewash blue and it's safe to say I'm in love. I may or may not have worn them for three days straight once they arrived. I don't even care if that's gross they're too pretty for that to even matter.

ASOS farleigh jeans, gwen mid blue stonewash

As I hope these pictures show, the ASOS farleigh jeans are pretty versatile. These two pairs alone look completely different and can be styled in dramatically different ways. You can dress them up or down, with flats or heels, for uni or drinks. And that's what makes them such a staple in my wardrobe. So thank you, ASOS, for making the best jeans I've ever had the pleasure to put my legs in.

Shop the farleigh jeans here to find your fave wash - and no, this post isn't sponsored, I just love these jeans that much. (But ASOS if you're reading this hmu I'm a big fan).

Good vibes guys 

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  1. The Asos Farleigh high-waist slim-mom jeans look fabulous on you, and I like the striped top and the jumper you styled them with in your beautiful outfit photos.

  2. Another superb post Allie, there's those snake boots again, love them, love your smile, love your posts, love the locations you choose. Love the photo's, would be nice if you put a little "photo's by" credit, whoever he/she is they're doing a smashing job!

  3. You look amazing in these photos and the jeans look so good on you! I also only wore skinny jeans for the longest time but I'm beginning to love this style more. I need to head over to asos right now so I can pick up a pair :)

    Sarah | What Sarah Writes

  4. Sorry, forgot to sign above post, Molly xxxxxxxx

  5. Allie, you've done it again! Great post in great location, love the jeans, adore those snakeskin boots and fab photo's. Molly xxxxxx

  6. I'm not a blue jean person either but hey I really like those blue jeans. They look so great, thanks for sharing, and if you wore them for 3 days straight then they must be comfortable and that is everything I want! Xx

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin

  7. Oooh Allie, you're rocking these outfits! I think you styled both pairs of jeans perfectly and they definitely suit you, that's for sure. I'm obsessed with my Topshop jeans, but maybe I'll have to give ASOS a little look next time!

    Jade x |

  8. Both these look gorgeousssss on you babe ! You've definitely convinced me to pick them up - I used to be the same with strictly skinny - now I'm obsessed with Mom jeans ! - Also - we are exactly the same when I comes to blue jeans ! I was strictly a black jean girly but recently I've been loving blue!

    LOVE Saira

  9. What size do you have in these jeans? And are they true to size? I'm so unsure about what size to order. It would really help to know

    1. I got a waist 28, which is the perfect size for me with tucking in t-shirts or jumpers, and I'm a size 10 so they're pretty true to size. The leg on the blue ones is 30 which is a little short on me so I'd recommend getting 32 and you can always hem if needed!