During the early months of summer, I was actually on track to getting fit, working out most mornings and cutting my sugar levels right down. Then my cheat day turned into cheat six months and here I am struggling to fit into my skinny jeans. My motivation disappeared, and good news, apparently this is even harder to find during winter. Going on a run or staying inside with a hot chocolate? I know which I'd choose, but hopefully I'll change my mind. How weird would that be? But at least I'd fit back into those jeans and give my energy levels and mood a decent boost.

If you're in the same elastic waistband favouring situation as me, I've found a few tips on how to stay motivated in the winter. So let's give them a try together, shall we?

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Make a routine

You know what they say, it takes 21 (or is it 28..) days to make something a habit. Once you've done something every day for that long, it begins to feel like much less of a chore, so make time each and every day to do something for you. Maybe work out first thing or head to the gym after work. I'm more of a morning work out fan myself, even though I'm definitely not a morning person, I just prefer getting it out of the way, then I won't have to think about it until tomorrow!

Forget gym bunny, get a gym buddy

I am most definitely the least fit friend. My other friends who go the gym on the regular and are even part of sports teams (what? such a strange concept to me..) make me look awful in comparison. If you have the same problem, turn this into a positive and ask them to help keep you motivated. Set a date and time to work out together and you'll be less inclined to cancel, because no one likes a flaky friend. 

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Morning playlists

Does anyone else feel a sense of panic when a stranger's alarm goes off in public, bringing you flashbacks of that horrible wake up call each morning? Why must everyone have the same alarm tone? There's a theory that waking up to some of your favourite tunes can dramatically change your mood, setting the good vibes ready for the rest of the day. For a while M&Ms by Blink 182 was my alarm tone, because nothing wakes you up better than banging drums, but maybe I'll go for something a little calmer this time.

Do what you love

..Love what you do. Or at least don't hate it. I'm just putting it out there now, no one will ever get me to go on a run. I'll never do a 10k and no way on this earth would I be signing up for the local marathon. But there's a much stronger chance of me heading to a yoga class or following a Blogilates booty workout in the comfort of my living room. Being comfortable is way more important than the intensity of the work out if you ask me. Doing something at your own pace somewhere you know you won't be judged means you're less likely to chicken out. Maybe you love the idea of a spin class with a group of strangers or you prefer a one on one pilates work out with a friend, do what makes you feel best.

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Shop yourself into it

This is such a classic blogger thing to say when it comes to motivation, but it's true, buying new work out clothes definitely helps encourage you to exercise more. You guys know I'm style conscious and some athletic wear I wouldn't touch with a barge pole, but the range out there is a lot cuter than it used to be. There's some lovely pieces on the Fabletics Pinterest page, I have my eye on those palm print leggings! And, when you think about it, you want to get your cost per wear out of what you buy, which is motivation in itself! 

How do you stay motivated in the winter? Let me know!

Good vibes guys 

*This post is sponsored by Fabletics. All words are my own.