Last week I was lucky enough to travel to a place I've wanted to go to for years. 12 years, to be precise, when Gwen Stefani released the iconic Love Angel Music Baby and like Gwen, I became obsessed with Harajuku and it's unique style. I headed to Tokyo with my mum and dad as a late 21st present, and I'm already planning on returning. I could camp out in Harajuku and take street style pictures all day long, I swear. Harajuku girls' style is to die for. If you're interested in fashion, technology, or want a good culture shock, head to Tokyo. You won't regret it.

two girls dressed as geishas at sense ji temple, Tokyo

Akihabara district Tokyo buildings skyline

Tokyo eccentric, panda backpack

traditional Japanese garden at Shinjuku garden park, Tokyo

Tokyo architecture, Ginza shopping district in Tokyo

Japanese magazines, Japanese comics, anime, manga

Harajuku girl on Takeshita street, Tokyo

Victoriana Lolita subculture style, Harajuku style, Tokyo streetstyle

sake barrels, Tokyo

Buddha statue, senso-ji Buddhist temple, Tokyo

Tokyo skyline from Tokyo tower, Tokyo at night

During my week in Tokyo I visited the Meiji-Jingu temple, Senso-ji temple, Akihabara 'geek' district, Harajuku, Ginza shopping district, Tokyo tower, Shinjuku garden and the Shinagawa district, but being such a huge city (as you can tell from that skyline picture taken from Tokyo tower!) there's so much more to see. What would be on your list if you went to Tokyo?

Shinjuku garden, Tokyo

Japanese shop in Akihabara geek district Tokyo electric town

senso-ji temple, Tokyo

signs in Tokyo, Akihabara electric town

ritual at meiji-jingu temple, Tokyo

Japanese restaurant, Tokyo

wedding at meiji-jingu temple, Tokyo, Japanese wedding, Japanese traditional bride

prayer card at meiji-jingu temple, Tokyo

geisha style, Tokyo

Tokyo skyline, Akihabara electric town, Tokyo

Want to see more? Check out my Instagram where I shared some more snaps during my trip.

Good vibes guys