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So last Saturday I said on Twitter that I'd Snapchat the #LivHelps event.. I only got one snap because it was so fun I forgot what I was actually meant to be doing. Having too much fun eating pizza, meeting new friends and nearly wetting myself laughing. And to top it all off, we had the heaviest goodie bags you've ever encountered in your life - nice one Sammy for organising it all, can't wait for the next one! Speaking of the goodie bag, instead of doing one big post of stuff I might use, some I might not, beauty, food, and everything in between, I thought I would slowly but surely share all the things I love across Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and my blog, so make sure you're following me to cover all bases! I've already rummaged through everything on snap and shared my new bathroom additions on Twitter. Next up, these delicious drinks from Franklin & Sons*, this apple and rhubarb flavour is so good and kinda matches my outfit, bonus.

pale pink blush jumper from new look, marble and gold necklace

Last Saturday, it pissed it down, to put it politely. And seeing as I was home alone I had no one to take some quick snaps of my outfit, hence the post being a few days late and, it turns out, the outfit being a little different. I was a little chilly today, so swapped my cropped black lace up tee I wore at the weekend for my new pink jumper, which was a major bargain at just £8. I originally had my eye on a lovely pink jumper from ASOS, but browsing through New Look a couple of weeks ago, I spied this. The composition is the exact same, this one is just a little thinner, and a student's gotta do what a student's gotta do when it comes to saving a few quid.

However I did wear these pants, shoes and the bag last weekend, so it's still okay. These pants are super swishy, I knew I had to at least try them on after seeing Alice Catherine looking gorgeous in them on her Instagram, and at just £23, well, the rest is obvious. They're mine now. I was torn between these or the plain black pair, but thought I could do with something a little 'extra'. Yes this is my way of being extra.

Topshop saddle bag in Chloe style, zara polka dot culottes trousers 2016

jumper New Look  culottes Zara (sold out online, check your local store!) ✌ necklace Urban Outfitters  Vans ✌ Bag Topshop

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Good vibes guys