Goodness knows how long I've been searching for the perfect pair of black chelsea boots. It honestly feels like all my life. Rocketdog isn't a brand I would usually look to, I usually associate them with school shoes from year 9 in all honesty, but after having a good browse (and by good browse I mean a full hour browsing when I should have been doing uni work) on Get The Label, I found these beauties, I'm converted! And to sweeten the deal, they come in at under £30 and they're some of the comfiest shoes I've ever worn - no plasters required!

Also from Get The Label is this cute burgundy skater skirt, a wardrobe staple really, isn't it? Yet this is the first one I've ever owned. My bad. I am glad I waited to find just the right one though, as the quality of this skirt is amazing. I did order a sneaky few more pieces from the site, so keep an eye out for those, what do you think of my new additions? Oh, yeah, about that, the jumper is also new, but don't worry it was a birthday present from my dad..I may have dropped a few hints!

OOTD featuring black faux leather warehouse jacket, white rib knit poloneck from ASOS, yin yang necklace, burgundy skater skirt and black chelsea boots from get the label
OOTD featuring burgundy skater skirt and black chelsea boots from get the label

asos white rib knit poloneck roll neck jumper with yin yang necklace

black chelsea boots from rocketdog at get the label review

jumper ASOS / necklace gift / jacket warehouse (old) / skirt* get the label / boots* get the label

Good vibes guys