baby blue birthday

9:30 am

I'm now 20 years old. That means I'm not a teenager anymore. I'm an adult. A real life grown up. I still feel about 12, how is this possible?! A friend reminded me that I'm now halfway to 40. I'm freaking out. Pass me the anti-wrinkle cream pronto. And no, I so totally did not find a grey hair the other day...

Let's try to remain positive shall we? I may be getting old (some older readers will be reading this laughing at me, I know) but I'd like to think this means I can now pull off some more sophisticated styles without looking like a little girl wearing her mum's clothes. But wait, this actually is my mum's jumper. Never mind!

black primark fedora, pale blue roll neck jumper, asos black backpack, black river island lana skinny jeans and river island black heeled suede over the knee bootsblack primark fedora, pale blue roll neck jumper, black asos backpack, river island black lana skinny jeans and river island black heeled suede over the knee boots

jumper borrowed off mum / jeans (lana) river island / boots river island / fedora primark / backpack ASOS (old)

Yes, these are those river island over the knee boots. I was obsessed with them for about a month, found a 20% code, went to purchase them and what do you know they were sold out online. Cue a freakout on my behalf, frantically calling the Liverpool store trying to put them on hold, then racing into town (looking a complete show) and weeping with joy when I handed over the card. They were a super early birthday present, so it seems apt to wear them on my birthday don't you think? 

Good vibes guys 

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  1. Love this outfit! Those boots are absolutely gorgeous too. Hope you have a lovely birthday! xx

  2. Ah hope you had a great Birthday! Being halfway to 40 made me laugh! I'm already on grey hair watch! haha! This outfit looks great and those boots are beyond perfect, I definitely need them in my life! x

  3. Love the boots

  4. One day belatedly, Happy Birthday! I hope your birthday wishes come true. You look fabulous in your mum's pastel blue jumper, River Island jeans and Primark fedora. P.S.: Happy Halloween as well!

  5. I love the jumper! That's a piece I'd definitely borrow from my mom! Not sure if she'd get it back, though. :P
    Miss Blue Eyes