I know it was like 2 weeks ago but I'm still not over Leeds. Post-festival blues hit me hard this year, it was such a great weekend. For those who don't know, it was my third time going and for the second year in a row, it was just me and my bestie Beth. It's a good job we're both obsessed with blink-182 to be honest. Anyway, here's my style diary. I know the pictures aren't the usual standard (which is amateur at the best of times) but you know, I was at a festival, so I'm not gonna apologise.

leeds festival style diary OOTD, tom delonge t-shirt, mrs delonge t shirt

If you don't get it, get off my blog. Jk, but seriously.

leeds festival outfits

Day 1 - headband ASOS sale / parkail2l / hawaiian shirt gap via charity shop / sunglasses primark (old) / crop top H&M (old) / shorts forever 21 / bumbag (worn throughout) primark (old) / wellies (worn throughout) asda (old)

This hairchalk from the body shop lasted approximately 4 hours. Plus we had to put our tent up in the rain. Festivals are the only place where you can look totally normal dressed like this in a downpour.

Day 2 - sunglasses primark (old) / t-shirt H&M + DIY / pinafore miss selfridge (old) / choker Beth's

This seemed like a good outfit for a sweaty gig in mild heat, until I had to crowdsurf out of the blink crowd because it was just too packed. You know where it's that bad you're just not enjoying the show and can feel your internal organs crushing? Yeah, that. But crowdsurfing was the most rock'n'roll thing I'll ever do and I did get like 5 feet away from Tom Delonge himself so I'm not complaining, but crowdsurfing in a skirt is never fun.

Good vibes guys