It's been a whole two years since I started my blog and I've loved every minute of it! Like my first blogiversary post today I'm looking back at the past year, including some of my personal favourite posts, what I gather your favourite posts are, and some amazing moments.

what to pack for a festival / punk prim OOTD / white chiffon black leather OOTD

NWBrev OOTD / my first fashion week / bohemian in pyjamas OOTD

Thankyou all so much for reading my blog, following me on social media and sharing my content, it always makes me smile. To think I started this blog whilst still in school as a way of getting into university and now it's a huge part of my uni work and is even helping me find jobs in the industry, amazing! To be clear, I've never considered blogging as a career, for me it is a hobby, but it's a way of building a career too. So your support really does make a difference, thankyou.

I know people say the blogging world has changed, and it has, but I'm happy with my little space on the internet where we can all connect and talk about pretty stuff and ignore the hoo-ha. Here's to another year of blogging! *cheers and clinks glasses*

Good vibes guys