Hi guys, no usual OOTD or fashion related post today but I thought it would be a good time to chat and share one or two little things with you. Don't worry, there is actual new content here, so do keep reading!

I have been getting a little stressed recently, it's in my nature unfortunately, and sometimes that means I can't produce quality posts on time, so I don't have an OOTD for you today, but I do have a new video. If you didn't know, I also have a youtube channel and I've actually been getting really into it lately. I can't make really frequent videos as I don't have iMovie, so I have to go to my friend's house to edit and it wouldn't exactly be fair on her to turn up everyday using up all her leccy. But over the past week I did manage to film and edit two videos, the first of which is the British tag. You can watch that here or on my channel and check out my other videos too. The other one I filmed should be live in about a weeks time, and that one is fashion related.

I do have a fashion/craft/DIY thing planned very soon and will be back to my regular OOTD schedule asap. In the mean time, follow me on all my social medias and what-nots, including mix match me which I am totally obsessed with lately - think of it as a grown up version of stardoll. Remember that?

Good vibes guys